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Foundation Help, Again

Yep, I never seem to have much luck with foundations at all.  So I am looking for a foundation that will be good for skip that is naturally dry yet oily on the nose.  Another thing to keep in mind is that I have laugh lines and my foundation always seems to sink into them.  I do use two different primers, a moisturizing one as well as a matte one, as well as a setting spray and powder.  I seem to have trouble with irritation caused my dryness as well as the makeup breaking up and getting blotchy on my face, plus those laugh lines, lets not forget about those.  I am also hoping to look for something that will last throughout the day.  I love MUFE's Face and Body, but it didn't provide the coverage I wanted without using a lot of product.  Other than that, I am fine.  The products that I have used are the following: MUFE HD (did not find the appeal in this foundation) and Face and Body, Both LORAC liquid foundations, Bare Minerals, Nars Sheer Glow, Tarte 12 hour full coverage, Silk Creme, UD Naked (which irritated my skin), Smashbox Halo.  There are probably more in which I haven't even thought up at all.  As for coverage, it doesn't matter to me but I prefer something that is going to be natural as well as cover up some scarring that I have. Price point doesn't matter at all - I've come to the point where the price won't matter when I find something I love.


As for my color, I am a 115 in MUFE, Rose Ivory in Silk Creme, and Fairly Light in Bare Minerals.  Hopefully I will get some help with my foundation problem.  Thanks.


Re: Foundation Help, Again

Hi Manda,


Wow, you've really been on a search for the right foundation! I commend your effort, and I might have the perfect foundation for you to try. Diorskin Forever Flawless is amazing--it is a liquid that dries matte but definitely never looks cakey--it can build a lot on the skin so it can double as a concealer. It is a long-wear formula so you shouldn't have to touch it up too much. If you normally wear 115 in Make Up for Ever HD you might want to try #22 of Diorskin Forever.

Dior - Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup

Happy Hunting!


Re: Foundation Help, Again

I went to go look at it online and it seems to be out of my color. :/ Plus my Sephora store does not carry Dior products.  The one that does is 45 minutes away.  I added it to the e-mail stock however I don't know when it will be coming in or not.  There is another Dior foundation.  How do you think that one would be for my skin type?

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