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Foundation Frenzy

I have just been using mineral powder foundation for the past few years, but I want to try other kinds like cream and liquid, I need something with light to medium coverage, for sensitive skin, and something that is not overly perfumy. Some of the foundations I have tried are either not light enough or smell horrible, I have very fair skin, I just want something to even out my skin tone and cover what little acne I have 

Re: Foundation Frenzy

What have you tried in the past?

Re: Foundation Frenzy

Without even knowing what you've tried, I'm going to key in on something you mentioned that has been the bane of my existence.


If you're very fair, you should check out Bobbi Brown.  I'm too pale for a lot of companies- Benefit, Dior, MUFE among them.  Bobbi Brown Alabaster is my match (naturally, the lightest shade)- and there are various formulas to play with.




Re: Foundation Frenzy

Hi CherryReds,


Just to add to the good recommendations you have already, have you tried the Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup? It's oil free, fragrance free and it has a sheer-medium coverage. It also formulated to help treat acne while you wear it!


I would also recommend the shade Fresh Alabaster.


<3 Melissa

Re: Foundation Frenzy

Amazing Cosmetics has their liquid foundation that is mineral based and shouldn't interfere with your skin (plus they offer a good range of shades), Tarte and Lorac are also other lines to look into with liquid foundations with formulas geared for sensitive skin!

Re: Foundation Frenzy

What's your skin type?  (You'll def want to go watch Lisa Eldridge's foundation videos on YouTube.  Fantastic advice on choosing a formula, picking a shade, etc.!)

Re: Foundation Frenzy

I agree with Starletta8 Bobbi Brown has the best colors in her foundation line for very fair skin. Hope this helps!

Re: Foundation Frenzy

BTW, I'm extremely fair, too.  Shades for us are VERY hard to find, but Lisa also has a great video on how to correctly match us and also an entire video directed at those who are fair like us.

Re: Foundation Frenzy

Seconding the Lisa Eldridge video love.  Her advice on matching to one's neck/jaw area completely changed how I approach shade matching.  Despite being quite cool-toned I've found that warm/neutral shades match much better to my sheet white neck.  No more dreaded foundation line!  It honestly wouldn't have occurred to me to check out warm shades had I not watched her foundation series.

Re: Foundation Frenzy

Best videos ever, right?! I ran for a mirror and daylight to see if the samples I had we're a match.  The one I was leaning towards?  Not!  So glad I watched them!

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