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Foundation Finder

Is there a tool on Sephora's website for selecting foundation shades? Something that shows shades from light to dark and with detailed descriptions about undertone?

Re: Foundation Finder

Unfortunately, no.  Some brands do list the undertones when you click on/hover over the foundation color.  Others just show the color name or number.  Suggestion, if you click on the Q&A on the left under the stars (not the reviews), and flip through those, I have been able to find out more about the colors from that information (time consuming and tedious).

Re: Foundation Finder

Agreed- it is time consuming but I too often find more information from reading through the Q&A section than I do from the actual reviews. The reviews just aren't helpful at all with color selection because it's so rare that anyone mentions the actual shade they're discussing.


Re: Foundation Finder

If you have a foundation that is a great match for you already you can use Sephora + Pantone Color IQ. Just type "color iq" into search and it will pop up. Then using the shade you like it will give you the shade number and other foundations that match it.

Re: Foundation Finder

Thank you! I didn't know about the Color IQ tool. It's great! Fun also! Thanks for pointing it out!

Re: Foundation Finder

Hi DoctorMrs,


While we dont have an online tool to help you find the perfect foundation shade, if you have a store near you, the new SkincareIQ would help you find your perfect matches Smiley Happy  Or, you can always give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA and one of our Beauty Adviors can assist you as well.


xo, Mia

Re: Foundation Finder

Hi miabt Smiley Happy


Actually the Color IQ tool that @kenny mentioned below was very useful.  I guess I won't know for sure until my order arrives but I'm optimistic.  I was hoping for a place to find better descriptions of the shades or better swatches arranged in a progressive manner. I do prefer shopping for personal items online but I'll make a point of looking for the SkincareIQ at my local store this week. Thanks

Re: Foundation Finder

P.S. The hardest thing for me with foundation is that my skin color is always changing.  I'm very fair in the winter but spend most of my time outdoors in the summer. I've already adjusted my foundation shade three times in the past two months. What is a good way to deal with this? Simply going darker doesn't always work if it isn't clear what undertones are in the product. Is there a simple solution to adjusting foundation to accommodate a tanning complexion?

Re: Foundation Finder

I know what you mean!  I LOVE being tan, but in the winter, its almost inappropriate to be that tan!  My simple solution, I pretty much use the same foundation all year long & play up the season with bronzer & blush.  For the past few months, I've stuck with my KVD Lock It and am a Medium 54.  I've gotten a few shades darker from being in the sun lately & my bronzer has become my best friend!  Not sure if that would help you, but its my trick & worth a try Smiley Happy

Re: Foundation Finder

I've always been bronzer shy. What's your favorite? I'll give it a try Smiley Happy

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