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Forehead Pimples :(

Hi everyone, I'm Lara and I'm 19. I have really bad pimples on my forehead (a lot of big and red pimples), but the rest of my face is completely fine...Well I have tried a couple of Murad Clearing Solution samples and during my first month, it worked pretty well on me and my forehead did seem to get better and after I decided to purchase a full size of that, things just get worse and worse. The pimples got big again and it's itching like hell to me. Smiley Sad I'm really confused right now can someone please tell me what to do Smiley Sad Thank you

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Didn't you post about an acne situation before? Smiley Tongue


Ok, so first of all are you using makeup... this might be clogging your pores.


ALWAYS remember to wash your face at night and before you wake up, and remember to wash your pillow cases regularly! There's a lot of dead skin cells on there!


Make sure you wash your face and focus the majority of the cleansing on the forehead (I find my forehead really easy to clean because it's the flattest surface on the face!) try using sometimes your hands are just not enough and you need a little help with a tool to get deep within your skin... It's only $6! it's worth the investments.


Personally, when I was around 17 and started using a toner that had Silicic acid in it, I noticed my skin start to clear up. The toner that help me achieve that was clean and clear (google clean and clear blue toner and you can see what it looks like) you can get it at target for $4! I use it right after I cleanse my face on a cotton pad and I can see the left over dirt my cleanser missed getting off! It's amazing and it helped me a lot...


Some people are just hormonally charged to have acne, stress plays a big role, just relax and drink some refreshing water you sooth your body from the inside.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Yes I did mention this problem before, but my forehead is getting worse Smiley Sad 

Thank you so much for your advise! I'll make sure that I keep my pillow clean! And I'll also give Clean and Clear a try Smiley Happy

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Using such a physically abrasive product will likely further inflame serious acne.  I don't think it would be appropriate at all for the OP.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

A lot of the time acne on the forehead can be directly related to your hair. Do you tend to have an oily/greasy hair? Do you use product in your hair that might be getting on your forehead? A lot of ingredients that hair loves can make your skin pretty angry, so if there's any possibility those are getting onto your forehead, they could be the cause. I'd recommend washing your face after applying any daily hair products and washing it again before bed time.


With direct regards to the acne, I'm curious if you're experiencing any redness or flaky skin along with the itching? It is possible you have over-dried out your skin with the acne treatments you are using. Dried out skin can cause your face to over produce sebum/oil to compensate, which in turn can cause acne (what a vicious cycle!) I'd recommend using a product with salicylic acid and/or something with benzoyl peroxide. I'd recommend taking a look at DDF's acne treatment products (not sold at Sephora) or Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead line. They sell a decently priced trial kit so you can try the entire line out. I am a huge fan of the moisturizer in this line and find that it offers great oil-free hydration with the combined bonus of salicylic acid to help with acne.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Thank you I'll definitely give it a try! I don't normally use hair products except shampoo and conditioner and yeah, the big pimples on my forehead comes along with redness and itching, 

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

I think we need a lot more information about your skincare routine, your skin type, other products you use on your skin, any skin sensitivities you may have, whether or not you've used other products that you've felt have worked for you, and what your other skin habits include.


For example, do you wash your face regularly?  Do you use moisturizer?  How often do you exfoliate? Do you use sunscreen?  What other products do you use on your skin (makeup, other skincare products)?  Do you pick at your skin?  Have you been to a dermatologist?  Do you have any allergies?  How long have you had acne?  Do you pick/pop the acne or your blemishes in general?  Do you do other sorts of treatments for your skin?


Murad contains something called salicylic acid, which is a very common acne treatment and can be wonderfully effective for many skin problems.  However, you need to make sure you're treating your skin the way YOU need to treat it - so if salicylic acid is too strong you should be careful using it.  You should always make sure you're using proper moisturizer even if you have oily, acne prone skin.  You can make acne worse by skipping moisturizer!  On the flip side, many acne sufferers don't feel that salicylic acid is helpful for acne - for example, hormonal acne generally doesn't respond much to topical treatments.


So the more information you can provide the more we'll be able to give better tailored information!

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Thanks for your advise!!


I have combination/sensitive skin, which basically means that my T-zone tends to get extremely oily throughout the day. I often use Korean skin care products because they use natural ingredient and they work pretty well on me. I do use sunscreen, right now Im using Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid for my face. I've been suffering the forehead acne for almost a year now, before that, my skin was completely fine. I hate to admit it but yeah I have a REALLY BAD HABIT to pick/pop the acne in general using my fingers. Several times I tried to stop myself from touching the pimples but...Idk why urgh! Smiley Sad

So I'm new to the US for almost 1 year and yeah that was the exact time when my pimples got worse. Idk if it was because of the environmental changing or my college pressure or not...Because I've never been suffered this problem before, even when I was in my puberty. So in short, I have a pretty good skin when I was in my country. Smiley Sad


For my skin care routine, it usually goes like this: foam cleanser> Toner> Mask> Moisturizer > Facial Mist > Treatment. I don't often exfoliate my skin, only every 2 weeks I think because I'm scared that it would harm my skin (I have sensitive and very thin skin)... I always wash my face 2 times a day, using Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore cleansing foam and I think this cleanser does a pretty good job in making my skin clean, it also has clusters that are gently exfoliant.


For toner, I'm using Thayer - Witch Hazel Toner-Rose Petal and I think it's ok. Nothing so special about it. 

For moisturizer, I'm using The Face Shop Chia Seed Oil - Free moisturizer (a Korean brand), it works pretty well on me and this is my 2nd bottle already. 

For mask, I use 2 types of mask: wash-off (Skin food) and facial mask sheet (The face shop). I used to use wash-off mask 2 times a week but then someone told me that using wash-off masks could bring out more oil to my skin, so I only use it 1/week now. I tried The Body shop Tea Tree before but there was nothing special about it. And for the mask sheet, I use it 2 times a week and they work great as extra-moisturizer. 


Murad works great for me in the first couple weeks, it doesn't dry out my forehead but I notice that my forehead tends to get more oily after hours. I'm a college student and I'm on my summer holiday so right now I'm not really going outside a lot. I don't usually wear make up cause I don't want to make my skin worse. Smiley Sad

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

I'm assuming your diet has changed since you moved here? Have you been eating more processed foods, candies, sodas, etc?

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

They used to be cystic acnes, but then when I got samples from Murad, the acnes got smaller but weeks later, it grew big again >.< Yeah my diet changed a lot since I moved here. I started eating a lot of candies and sodas since they're kinda the only snack I can find here. Smiley Sad When when I was cramming for my finals, yeah I ate a lot of unhealthy food.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

In addition to the great advice you've gotten here from lylysa and emmaclaire, if you have healthcare it might be a good time to make an appointment with a dermatologist. You describe the acne as "big and red" which might be cystic acne, which can't be solved with any number of routines, masks, or products; it requires medication to clear up (and will require a routine that is good for your skin, so finding one that helps is great!) 

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Whenever I feel like I'm doing to much to my skin, I stop and only stick with washing my face with a gentle cleanser - I don't even put sunscreen on and just try to avoid the sun's rays throughout the day... whenever you feel your skin is tingly or feel like you have a gut feeling you shouldn't continue using something, you should stop and reconsider...


I think I recommended you this before, It's the GlamGlow Clearing Mask


There is a promotion going on! If you buy $25 dollars of Sephora products, you can get the mask (0.3 oz) for free! It's AMAZING trust me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it a try! Because I know you will love it! And hopefully it will make you feel about your appearance and make you a more confident person!

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

I'm not even in the U.S. right now but when I heard about this promotion, I JUST HAD TO BUY SOMETHING from Sephora, because I love this product so much, it works wonders for me, especially on my nose!! 


That's telling you how much I love this product lol! 


Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Please don't advise people to skip sunscreen.  Skin cancer is not a joke, and it's a very serious threat especially during the summer.  You need to wear sun screen even if you're "trying to avoid the sun's rays" because being careless can result in skin damage and/or melanoma.  



Again, skin cancer is not to be taken lightly and I implore everyone to wear SPF at all times to protect themselves from such an easily preventable disease or even death.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Sun care is quite vital to overall skin health in general. Even in cases of avoiding direct sun, its UVA rays that are associated with the damage and ill affects are are tied to pre-mature aging and overall skin damage while it's the UVB rays that cause the darkening/change in pigmentation and coloring in the skin.


Even if the sun isn't out and about and shining its happy beams of light, UVA rays are still present. My friend decided to skip sunscreen at a St. Paddy's day parade one year on a float because it was severely overcast and ended up with third degree burns all along her shoulders and arms to the point she had to go to a doctor with the pain she was in.


In terms of acne, whether it's open blemishes or not, skin is still considered vulnerable, especially if the use of medications such as chemical exfoliants/beta hydroxy acids (like salicylic acid) is used as it works on below the surface and on deeper cellular levels. With acne, it's not just about treating the matter at hand, but also protecting to ensure that skin can properly heal and do so under supportive and healthy circumstances.


Though there are debates and preferences with suncare products and the types of sunscreen used (mineral/physical or chemical), sunscreens have by far come such a long way in advancements in the skin care world and finding a formula that is suitable for skin and even allergies is easier than ever.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Hi, LaraLiu!


I've seen the below products you use and your regimen and I'm wanting to know if you cleanse twice a day and if so, is your skin considered THAT oily to where in the day time you need to cleanse as well? Are the exfoliating/physical particles gritty or very textural or are they soft/almost gel-like? When washing, are you pressing/grinding product against skin or lightly massaging/buffing?


You may find that using a warm compress on your blemishes may ease any tenderness or inflammation if you do notice the blemish sites feeling sensitive or even painful.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

I was hoping you would show up, you're the skincare guru here and I know you can actually give useful advice!

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Thanks, Emma! It's great to see your drive in regards to sun care information Smiley Very Happy.


I'm a big proponent and believer in practicing sun safety, in fact, during bit family outings when we'll be outside everyone knows I'm the gal who'll divvy out the SPF on a regular time table!

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

After washing my face, I feel really clean but after hours, it gets oil on my T-zone (forehead and nose).  I use L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub for exfoliating but I stop using it for a while now, because the scrub comes with a pad (like you see in the photo), and I'm afraid that it would seriously inflame my acnes (yes emmaclaire I have a same thought as yours Smiley Happy ). So after that, I purchased a foam cleanser with clusters to clean my face and gently exfoliate my skin at the same time. I usually slowly press the cleanser at first so that the clusters would disappear, then I lightly massaging my face for around 2 minutes and rinse off with water. 


Re: Forehead Pimples :(

It's good to hear you're not being rough or using excessive pressure on your skin, especially with products that have exfoliating/physical particles to them as this can cause micro-tears in skin.


In regards to just having any sort of physical particles in your daily use cleanser (especially if you're cleansing twice a day), you may consider switching to a wash without particles.


Even if those softer or more gentle particles aren't buffing away at skin in the same manner as coarser ones, consider that the sensation and physical stimulation caused from any source and even the slightest removal of cells at the surface can build up and amount to something higher. Overexfoliating or even over-cleansing can be just as damaging to skin:


The above thread has a response of mine that covers overexfoliating that you may find helpful and allow you to ease up on cleansing if it's not mandatory to cleanse in the morning. Since you're using a toner with witch hazel, the astringent properties in that will help address oil and the condition of pores to where you're not having to strip skin entirely with a wash.


LadyMeag below brings up a great point in regards to considering booking a consultation with a doctor or dermatologist as well.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

So I should go for a normal cleanser (without clusters)? Can you suggest me any exfoliating that works for combo skin? Thank you.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

You may want to consider using a cleanser/wash with chemical based exfoliants rather than physical exfoliants to cut down on risk of be too rough on blemishes.


Chemical based exfoliants that you'll come across most commonly will be beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) and alpha hydroxy acids (primarily glycolic/fruit acids, which are derived from sugar enzymes and citrus fruits and lactic acid, derived from milk proteins and enzymes).


AHA/BHAs can be utilized in many ways, from washes that feel and look like traditional cleansers, to even being in a blend with physical particles in a scrub, to masks, and even peels (also including pre-moistened pads that are just wiped over skin).


To be honest, with your responses to myself and all the other users here, there appears to be a lot going on that may be contributing to the changes in your skin and even the worsening of certain conditions. I would highly recommend going to a professional first for a consultation and see about stablizing things before making any super dramatic changes. Keep a skin journal and document things like what you eat, the products you're using, how your skin feels after skin care steps, any reactions/irrittion you notice, sleep patterns, and overall health factors.


Once things have reached a good calm where you can begin altering steps in your regimen, start slow and only alter one thing at a time rather than doing an overhaul and possibly overstressing skin. When you begin a new product and begin its incorporation, introduce it slowly. For example, your face wash, we'll call it wash "A" for the sake of this. Rather than go cold turkey on wash A and switch entirely over to a new wash (wash "B"), every third night, use wash B instead of A, see how your skin begins to take this change. If there are no immediate ill effects, continue using wash B every third night for up to 5 or 7 uses to where you begin to feel comfortable that it's not doing harm or overwhelming your skin and then begin using wash B every other night. Once you begin to incorporate wash B, again, if there are no ill effects, use it for another 5-7 times before phasing out wash A entirely. 


If you're utilizing a product that is left on the skin, such as a serum or even a mask/peel that you are unsure of, do a spot test along a smaller portion of affected skin and see if any reactions occur. If it does, discontinue use, be aware that certain products or ingredients may have their potency take affect but if reactions such as intense pain, immediate burning, itching, or anything harsh occurs this is a sure-fire sign that it's not right for your skin. 


In terms of chemical based exfoliants, for combination, blemish prone (forehead especially) try some of the below options:


-Kate Somerville's Clinic To Go Pads, these AHA pads utilize lactic acid as it's main source of exfoliating power. Lactic acid is one of the more gentle AHAs as the particles are larger and don't penetrate as deep into skin compared to glycolic acids. Milk enzymes also have the capabilities to soothe redness and inflammation, making it calm the skin while also treating it. Witch hazel extract is a natural astringent which is great for oily skin as it helps target pore health and elasticity, healing onion bulb powder aids in post-acne scarring, vitamin C ensures skin tone can be kept even and brightened, while sulfur and clays keep oil managed.


-Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads, these pads utilize salicylic and glycolic acids along with witch hazel covered above. Arginine is an amino acid to help repair and also act as an anti-bacterial agent for blemish prone skin and green tea and soothing chamomile help to ease inflammation and sensitivities.


If you are persistant with wanting an exfoliator with physical particles, aim for one with smooth and soft options such as jojoba beads.


-Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Acne Clearing Exfoliating Treatment combines chemical (glycolic, lactic, and phytic acids, which is derived from plant sources, is very gentle and aids in easing redness, inflammation, and evens skin tone) components with the physical (jojoba esters) to resurface the top layers of skin along with aid in supporting healthier cellular regeneration below the surface.




Re: Forehead Pimples :(



I have the same L'oreal 350 cleanser (orange one) and it is a bit too drying/harsh for daily use on my combo skin. I would not recommend this one unless you've got sturdy skin, seriously clogged pores, or oily skin. I do like using the rubber pad with a gentle cleanser to work it into the skin, but I would not recommend doing that if your pimples have pus and might break with the friction.

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

It is possible that you might be overdoing it, either by using it too often, or using too much of it (if the sample and full size have different dispenser/packaging). Also, are you moisturizing properly? it's very tempting to dry out pimples, but dehydration hinders normal skin function and may cause it to heal slower etc, so you still need to keep it hydrated/moisturized.


Also, your skincare regimen sounds fine, I like that sunscreen, too. Since you mentioned worse skin after coming to US, I would advise looking into diet as well. I travel to China ever so often, and the dehydration/icky air on the long flight is terrible for my skin, so I always slap on a hydrating mask after I come back (a gel instead of cream sinks in better for combo skin if you are worried about acne). And for me at least, I eat more meat in America, drink less water and exercise less. None of those are particularly good for your skin. The air here is cleaner than China at least, so I find I don't have to clean as often or harshly as in China.


Anyways, try adjusting the amount of the product and make sure to eat/drink healthy for a starter. Good luck!

Re: Forehead Pimples :(

Thank you for your advise! YES you are totally right about using too much product.


Well I've been constantly using it daily, 2 times a day. When I purchased the full-size one, I even start applying more than 2 times...Idk, maybe I'm so so so annoyed with the pimples and I just want them to disappear as fast as possible. Smiley Sad So should I continue using Murad, but with less amount or I should stop completely? It seems like I have cystic acne Smiley Sad 

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