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Forehead Issues

First timer here...

Alright so i tend to breakout on my forehead and i'm seeing some lines start to develop there too...i don't want any heavy b/c i'll break out, but fine lines at 22 is not thrilling...any recomendations???

Re: Forehead Issues

Are you looking for a specific cleansing cream or makeup product to help with this?

Re: Forehead Issues

How often are you breaking out? Would you say it's more like anywhere from 3-10 pimples you get at a time or more like 10-15+? There's a difference between getting a couple of blemishes and full blown acne. You don't want to just dive head first into an acne regimen if your skin really doesn't need it.


What's your daily skin care routine like? What products are you using? Do you have any allergies, sensitivities, or preferences like wanting items paraben free, more natural, etc.? Aside from the breakouts and the fine lines, what is your skin type?


Try using a gentle, chemical based exfoliant with glycolic acid (fruit sugars and enzymes, also referred to as alpha hydroxy acids or AHA). Glycolic acids gently help slough off dead skin that can get trapped and clog pores, it also promotes new and healthy skin regeneration, providing smoother, more refreshed, and brighter skin (the fruit enzymes like pineapple, orange, lemon, and papaya help brighten). This helps with minimizing and diminishing fine lines and help with the breakouts without dosing your skin in strong acne medications.


Anthony Logistics makes a great cleanser that doesn't use synthetic fragrances or colors, and even has soothing and conditioning aloe infused.


For a wash that's a little more juiced up, try Peter Thomas Roth's Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, it has AHA and beta hydroxy acids as well, which is another way to phrase salicylic acid, commonly used in acne treatments and medication. It helps rid skin of bacteria and also remove dead skin that can cause breakouts.


Both formulas are super gentle, they can be used just once daily without over drying the skin. If you have a face wash you already favor, try using the AL or PTR one about 3 or 4 times a week, slowly introduce the wash into your regimen.


As for fine lines, as you are younger, try a product that is more of a preventative treatment as opposed to a heavy treatment with retinol, which may over power your skin. Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum contains vitamin C and hyaluronate acid to plump, firm, and brighten skin. Vitamin C boosts the skin's own natural ability to produce collagen while brightening and evening skin tone. Hyaluronate acid binds healthy moisture to skin to "plump" up areas so lines are minimized and skin looks healthier. I use this on my laugh lines and love it! It's also great on post acne marks!


For a topical acne treatment, generally products with salicylic acid (notmally around 2% on the market without a prescription) will help as it unclogs pores and tones down swelling/raised areas). For whiteheads, Murad makes a great spot treatment that contains sulphur, which dries out the sebum trapped in skin to get rid of the blemish quickly. You can apply it up to 3 times a day, but start slow as you don't want to overdry out your skin with such a potent ingredient. Benzoyl peroxide is another ingredient used in acne medications, it introduces oxygen into trapped/clogged pores to rid it of oil and bacteria, Neutrogena makes a good one that has 2.5%, which is just as effective as some 10% treatments which again, can dry out skin.


Avoid using all three acne medications together, determin what kind of blemish you have and pick the best treatment for that. BP is good for swollen, red blemishes, while sulphur is better for whiteheads, SA is good to treat all across the board so you might want to start with that.


You can use the Truth Serum in the day and the acne medication at night as to not overcrowd your skin with product. Always follow up with SPF in the day, this helps with all sorts of anti-aging and preservation factors!



Re: Forehead Issues

Hi Doja,


I recommend an anti aging serum as well as a moisturizer that is oil free, or even a breakout treatment to help with the breakouts.


Try the Boscia Willow Bark Breakout Treatment to treat acne and help your skin, 


Willow Bark Breakout Treatment


or try the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads which are great to treat acne and also smooth away wrinkles.

Max Complexion Correction Pads


Follow up with an oil free anti aging moisturizer that will help with both:


Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 20 PA++

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Forehead Issues

If the acne isn't severe yet, try testing a few different drug store spot treatments. If it doesn't go away within a few months, make an appointment with a dermatologist, they'll be able to take a better look at your skin and prescribe something stronger. 


You want to make sure you're not using anything very heavy on your skin. It will help reduce the appereance and cumilation of fine lines. Try skipping foundation and use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer for now, if you need anymore coverage a little bit of concealer dabbed on problem areas will help. 


Moisturize your skin twice a day!!!! If your skin is oily don't go over board on the moisturizer. DON'T USE SCRUBS on your face, it's harsh and can lead to irritation. Wear sunscreen every day, so that you're not doing your skin damage. If your willing to splurge an anti-aging serum or other cream, can help slow the aging process, but won't neccessaily make what you already have go away. 


Re: Forehead Issues

thanks for all the great advice!!! Smiley Happy

i'm totally trying some of these...

i have to say the clarisonic brush is the best thing i even used for it! gentle exfoliation and deep clean...much improved...but looking for that extra kick...great tips thanks!

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