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Flawless Foundation

How can I get my make-up to be flawless and not cakey? I see people with smooth makeup and I wonder how they achieve that.

Re: Flawless Foundation

You have to take very good care of your skin in order to have flawless foundation. I'm not saying that you have to have absolutely perfect skin. prepping your skin before applying foundation is also important. Using primers, correctors, or brightening products make a huge difference. The foundation and setting powder you choose for your skin type is the biggest determining factor in whether it looks cakey or not. 


Re: Flawless Foundation

Hi FanofFace,


Could you give us some more info so we can better make product suggestions for you?  It would really help to know what is your skin type (combo, normal, oily, dry), do you use a primer and if so which one, what kind of foundation are you currently using (liquid, powder, etc.), what level of coverage do you need (sheer, medium, full) and what type of finish do you want (matte, natural, luminous).  If you can provide this information, I'm sure you'll get some specific recommendations to help you achieve the look you want.

Re: Flawless Foundation

Andy is right; a flawless look starts well before foundation. Make sure your skin care regimen is address your skincare needs. You want to ensure it's helping with any unevenness or texture issues. It's imperative to use a good primer. That prepares the canvas. The foundation you use also matters. I've found, for me, liquid foundation is best. I also use the black beauty blender as it blends everything in flawlessly. Setting powder, only where you need it will also help, as well as a finishing powder or highlighter. The flawless look takes a lot of work but if you keep at it, you'll achieve it. 

Re: Flawless Foundation

Hi FanofFace!


Make sure you are exfoliating your skin and using a good moisturizer underneath your foundation! I am not sure what your skin type is like, but for a great exfoliator, I highly recommend Laura Mercier's Flawless Face Polish. 


After you have exfoliated and moisturized your skin, I recommend using a foundation primer to further prep your skin for flawless makeup application! I love Too Faced's Primed and Poreless Primer and Laura Mercier's Oil-free Foundation Primer. Both of these primers are terrific for the summer months when skin can have a little bit of extra shine. 


After applying all of your face makeup, I recommend setting your makeup with a facial mist. This mist will help your makeup look more natural and less cakey. My favorite facial mists for this are the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Urban Decay's All Night Setting Spray. Smiley Happy 

<3, Randee
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