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Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

I've done everything in trying to make my makeup look good and natural but it's noticeable and Cakey. I stopped with drugstore concealer and bought the nars cream concealer and the tarte maracuja concealer and both showed my dry flakeS. I also bought a sample size smashbox primer but I feel like it doesn't do anything since it still makes me look flakey. I have the one where it's oil free. What should i do?? should I but a new primer and moisturizer?? exfoliate 3 times a week with an apricot scrub and moisturizer with a netrogena combo skin moisturizer before I put on my make up

Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

I would start with changing your skincare because no matter what, if your skin isn't good, your makeup won't look good. When my skin gets really dry/flaky I like to do a mini steam with a washcloth. I run the washcloth under hot water and ring it out and put it over my face until it feels cool and then I repeat about four more times. This helps soften the skin so it will exfoliate off easier. Then I just take the washcloth and gently exfoliate all the dead skin. Afterwards I like to apply a moisturizing mask. I love Origins Drink It Up Mask. I think I know which apricot scrub you use, and it's actually really harsh on the skin, the seeds are way too abrasive, so I would find something else. What kind of moisturizer do you use at night? I would suggest getting a better one, if you use one in the first place. I'm guessing you have combo skin since you use the neutrogena one for combo skin. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve, Origins Night-A-Mins, Clinique Moisture Surge, Korres Sleeping facials would all be good options. My favorite it the Origins, it's really thick but absorbs completely like I never put anything on so it's not greasy or anything ( I have combo skin as well). Your regular cleanser might be too drying as well. This should really help with the dry and flaky skin, so your makeup should definitely go on much better. You could also switch day moisturizers. My favorite is Origins Make A Difference Rejuvinating Treatment. It makes your skin feel so smooth and soft and really helps with flaky skin, but it's not greasy at all and won't affect your makeup. Tinted Moisturizers might be a good option for you if you don't have much to cover up, or you could mix your current foundation with moisturizer to help it go on smoother.

Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

Thank you so much. So far ive been using concealer and only concealer. i was a face wash from clean and clear that has salicylic acid with a clarisonic and i was thinking about getting the charcoal face wash by michael todd has its replacement. 

Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

You might actually be exfoliating too much, which is causing you to have drier skin and flake even more. I would try and find a really good quality night time moisturizer that will put the moisture back into your skin. It sounds like its pretty dry and that once you take care of the skincare, your makeup will go on smoother. I would only exfoliate once a week max, and make sure you're using a gentle face wash the rest of the time.

Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

sounds like you need to up your moisturizer routine to combat your dry skin.  i really like to apply one of the korres nightly sleeping facials or the murad hydrodynamic moiturizer at night.  in the morning i like to use the josia maran argan oil.  this combo really helps keep my skin moisturized without turning oily/greasy.




Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

My skin gets dry and flakey in the winter. I actually use Clinque's Moisture Surge during the day, under a moisturizing foundation. No powder. Powder seems to amplify the problem. I've never noticed any improvement w/ primer so I no longer bother with it. (I think primer may just be a placebo effect - I notice literally nothing w/ use of a primer.) Over exfoliation or harsh cleansers can exacerbate the problem - so I'd avoid it.


Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

I use BareMinerals foundation with dry skin so I know about that cakey makeup look! I use Kate Somerville Goat Milk and it has made all the difference in my dry skin Smiley Happy It's expensive, but you only need a little

Re: Flakey and Cakey make up. Help!!!!

It sounds like you have dry skin love! I have used the Tarte maracuja concealer. That stuff is thick and even though its pigmentation is wonderful, it seems to never dry.

I would first change your skincare!  If you are talking about the St.Ives Apricot Scrub, I would replace it. If it works for you, then just ignore me but those graduals are too big and rough for me. I also read that you have a clarisonic. If you are using a scrub with your clarisonic STOP NOW! Only gentle cleansers should ever touch that thing! 


I would try Cliniques Take the Day Off (Its perfect for removing makeup without alcohol or leaving your skin dry), Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Cleanser, Claudalie's Beauty Elixir (I would also use this during the day if your skin is looking dull) as a toner, and moisturizer Origins Ginzing, and the Korres Yoghurt sleeping facial is amazing! If you still are acne prone I would also recommend a clay mask 1-2 a week. 


In terms of a natural/ non-cakey makeup application, make yourself a tinted moisturizer! I mix my foundation with my moisturizer and it gives the most lovely finish! If you don't want to do that, just have a very light hand when applying your makeup. 


If you have any more questions, let me know! Hope I helped! 

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