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Favorite NYC location?

As a follow up to my "not all Sephoras are created equal" post, what do those of you who live in NYC consider the "best" store?  I've only been to Columbus Circle (ok), Times Square (gag!) and the store at 5th ave and W 48th (maddeningly tiny.)  I'm not in the city all the time, but I live nearby in New Jersey.  Which NYC Sephora SHOULD I be visiting when I make the trip?

Re: Favorite NYC location?

I love the one in Soho, it is less busy than some other ones that I've tried and you can get help if you need it. I'm also fond of the big flagship store on 5th Avenue, it has an awesome array of stuff, but it can get really crowded with tourists and hard to move around in.

Re: Favorite NYC location?

I've never been to NYC but I am forever swooning over the meat packing district store. I love how modern it is.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite NYC location?

I want to go to the Meatpacking store, it's one of the few in NYC that I haven't been to, and the Google street view is awesome!

Re: Favorite NYC location?

Hi Nebel,


I agree, the meatpacking district is one that I want to check out! I've seen pictures and videos online and it looks amazing.

<3 Melissa

Re: Favorite NYC location?


Here's a review on some of the stores I've been to:


10 Columbus Circle (between 59th St & 9th Ave) -- In a pretty upscale setting, almost no tourists, organized and testers looked clean (!!!) It is well-lit which is important when you're buying makeup -- and Eden is amazing!


Times Square - Quite large, fun section with actual stations set do to do your nails!! They open REALLY early and close really late - they win the prize for the most hours. Some of the aisles are really narrow, and saying excuse me might not help because the lace is packed with tourists. The wait to pay is really long, and they often direct you to go to a different store to return... They carry bobbi brown.


Madison Ave and 42nd - besides for certain times, this store can be empty, so If you like having a store to yourself, this is for you. Girls there not all that experiences, but you can definitely take care of your business pleasantly and quickly. 


34th Street (between 6th and 7th) - organized, two floors - the first is makeup which tends to be pretty busy...there is sometimes a wait for someone to help you, but its worth it -- they're all good there especially shantell.


42nd st near 7th Ave -  they have some good brands, but the store is relatively tiny. The overall staff is not awesomely talented, but they DO breath down your back. On the bright side, they have the pantone shade finder.


5th ave - large, very friendly and talented staff, often crowded but you still get lots of attention (but they are not breathing over you either) they have all the brands


JCP near 34th -  tiny, not well stocked, no poin considering that therre are so many more in the vincinity



Re: Favorite NYC location?

Hmm, so it looks like the best-bet stores are the Meatpacking and Flatiron district stores!  Even better, on a nice day those are totally walkable, with both an Inglot and a Lush store in between!   Sounds like I need to schedule a NYC beauty trip!

Thank you for the advice, everyone! This has been very helpful!

Re: Favorite NYC location?

I haven't been to the one in the flatiron since september - but- it was a really positive experience. It was a well balanced place, not huge or super fancy, but no cons either. Thats where I was introducced to dior, which is now a fave of mine

Re: Favorite NYC location?

I found the video under our Sephora Youtube channel for the meatpacking store. Just do a google search to pull it upSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Favorite NYC location?

WOW! I've never been to the meatpacking store, but it looks awesome! One of the stores by me recently switched to the more boutique vibe, and another store is moving to a larger space & they are doing the same. Are all Sephora's remodeling now? I hope so, it's so much easier to find items now & there's more space to walk around. 

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