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Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

I would like to know whats your favorite bronzer of all time??


and what do you recommend for all over the face??

Re: Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

I don't know how well this works as an all-over product, simply because I only use it for contouring, but I use a matte bronzer by Too Faced called Milk Chocolate Soleil. It's a lighter version of their best-selling bronzer, intended for fairer-skinned girls who felt that the original, Chocolate Soleil, was simply too dark. Both are made with real cocoa powder, so both smell like chocolate, which is a huge plus for me! Smiley Happy

Re: Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

Hi lulupiee!

My favorite bronzer to use all over my face to boost my complexion is Benefit's Hoola Bronzer. It a completely matte bronzer and I have found that it is the perfect neutral shade - it has equal parts of yellow and pink undertones in it. It also blends in effortlessly and is the perfect contouring shade! Smiley Happy


Another one of my favorites is NARS Laguna. This bronzer has slightly warmer tones than the Benefit bronzer. It has a little bit of shimmer in it and I like to use it just on my cheekbones and nose to add a glow to my skin.





Re: Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

I dunno about my all time favorite but I really like Tarte park ave princess amazonian clay bronzer, MAC refined golden bronzing powder, MAC comfort mineralize skinfinish.  I think the Tarte one is better for year round.  Hope this helps.


Re: Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

My favorite is definitely the Hoola Bronzer as well, perfect for contouring!


xo Ashley

Re: Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

I also use the Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer from Too Faced, I use it more as a contour right now but come summer I will use it all over my face.  It smells like chocolate and it is the perfect shade for my fair skin, I am going to be getting Too Faced Sun Bunny during Chic Week for an all over bronzer as well!  Too Faced makes the best bronzers!

Re: Fav Bronzer, and Recommendation?

this one us my favorite too! It's my go to bronzer, and it lasts forever! 

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