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Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

I am so frustrated. I set about about two months ago to find new face makeup because I noticed that my MAC studio fix powder was sliding off of my face by the end of my 12+ hour shift as a nurse. Within the past year or so, my face has become oily on my forehead, nose, and chin. Hello combination skin. I've always had dry dry dry skin before.  yes, I use a primer: Laura mercier classic primer. These are the following foundations that I have tried so far but have not lasted on my face:

laura mercier creme smooth: did not stay on my face AT ALL, my face looked wet all day

laura mercier oil free: too drying in spots and oilier in others

laura mercier silk creme: slides off my face at the end of the day

dior air flash: does anyone use this? It's really strange esp application. Not worth it for the $$$$

Some Chanel foundation that was stupid expensive too and didn't give me any coverage.

Bobbi brown: long wear even finish: looked SO dewy all day, looked like wearing sweating all day






oh and I use benefit moisturizer. Please help, I'm getting married in October and I need to not look ridiculous!


Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

I have, quite literally, the exact same problem!  My skin had always been normal to dry, but never oily.  I hit 24 and all of a sudden my face started getting serious oil patches!


My tried and true foundation is Smashbox Studio Skin.  It is a true miracle on my skin, and I have LITERALLY tried everything that came in my shade at Sephora... and Nordstrom.  I believe you get what you pay for with foundation so I have no problem dishing out $70+ if it's worth it, but the Smashbox foundation was really perfect.  It's one flaw is that it's not a PERFECT color match for me (I am the palest person I have ever seen, just one step above albino).


It's nice because it does a great job at keeping the oilies at bay when I set it with powder (Make Up For Ever HD is decent on me but I prefer YSL Matte & Radiant for a natural but matte finish) and really does look like skin on my face.


I have also recently discovered and fallen in love with Kevyn Aucoin.  Not sold at Sephora (rather difficult to find in general) but his foundations have a serious cult following and might be worth checking out!


A lot of people absolutely LOVE Make Up For Ever HD foundation.  It didn't work for me but I'm not sure why - it's supposed to be absolutely stunning in pictures, so definitely at least get a sample of that!

Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

Primer is your friend! Especially for oily skin. I use Smashbox Photo Finish Light. BUT, I would recommend you going to a Sephora and asking for a couple of samples to see what works best with your skin.

Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

Hi LanieLauren, 


I second the suggestion of a different primer. With the right absorbing primer you can wear nearly any foundation without worrying about it sliding off or wearing throughout the day.


It sounds like you need to use one that specially combats oil and shininess and is more of a matte finish than a lotion texture like the Laura Mercier.  Look at Givenchy Mister Mat or even Urban Decay's Pore Perfecting Primer.


As for foundation, try the Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free which is my new favorite since it keeps shine and oil away and stays for HOURS.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

The clinique stay matte is awesome. its a little tricky to find the right shade. i wear golden neutral which comes off a little too yellow, but blended out with the right powder it looks awesome. i suggest checking it out in store.  i have combo skin btw. i also wear SB light primer underneath and thats done wonders to control the oils around my nose and chin. I first tried the travel size which lasts about 3mons. Set with a spray, and once its dried about 10mins later i like to use MUFE hd powder just the tiniest amount pressed into the oily areas, also travel size since you don't need a lot of it. 




hd powder

Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

I have worn MAC Studio fix powder foundation foreeeevvver and I have never had this happen and I have oily skin I also don't touch up at all. Use a primer . Have you looked at the MAC prep and prime? Also I set my foundation with a very light touch of the MUFE HD and by a small amount just what I have in the lid. Hope this helps!

Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

I have had the exact same issue with mac's studio fix powder! So you are not alone! I thought I was crazy when it started to get all oily and the coverage was all off. Either they changed the formula, or my face has gone haywire. Because I had been using it for 6-7 years! I am now in the same shoes, trying to find something with the same coverage but the non-guncky feel and the "dripping" feeling. Good luck to the both of us, and congrats on the  upcoming wedding! I too am planning for one, so I feel you there!! :]

Re: Face makeup heeeellllpppp!

So I live in Miamibetween the humidity and my oily skin it was getting impossible for me to make it through the day with makeup. These products changed my life, first is number 7beautiful skin nighttime cream for oilycombination skin. Tarte Amazonian clay 12ghoul full coverage primer, benefits porefessional and rimmel stay matte 

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