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Face Primer...?

So I went into Sephora looking for a good face primer for my combination skin. I ended up getting bareMinerals Prime Time Original. I had always heard good thing about bareM so I'm not sure how much thought I actually put into deciding or not.


I use liquid foundation is there something that would be better of is Prime Time a good choice?

Re: Face Primer...?

Prime Time was the first primer I ever tried. Unfortunately, it made me break out a bit and I found it to be a bit greasy on me (and I have dry skin). Next up was Smashbox Photo Finish (original) which I loved. A lot. But I noticed that my face was always looking flushed. Turns out it has Cola Acuminata Seed Extract in it, which is basically caffeine. And for medical reasons, I have to stay away from caffeine. But caffeine can also make your skin flush. So now I'm using Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer (the blue one). I couldn't find anything on the ingredients list that looked questionable. It seems to work fine, but it definitely doesn't provide as nice a surface as the original formula. I'd be up for other suggestions myself at this point.

Re: Face Primer...?

I've heard some good things about UDs too. I'm going to sephora today so I am going to ask them.

Re: Face Primer...?

I personally didn't have great experiences with Bare mineral's primers. 

I liked them at first because they felt like how a primer should feel in my opinion..

but turned out that they didn't do anything.. They didn't necessarily break me out, but just wasn't good at controlling for the oils, fill in for the pores, or smooth out the skin.. 

I prefer Smashbox light, and Hourglass mineral veil. But I heard that both Korres and Tarte has great primers too

Re: Face Primer...?

Do you use a foundation with or without silicones?  If it has silicones, then I would recommend Hourglass Veil.  Amazing.

Re: Face Primer...?

Prime time is a very good primer even for combo skin. I also recommend you take a look at soemthing like Hourglass Mineral Veil which is also a good primer for combo/oily skin.

Re: Face Primer...?

I realized that I lest a part out. The Prime Time was a bit to oily for me and didn't help my makeup last because it would pretty much wipe right off. I asked when I went and they said it works best for a powder style foundation. (Is that right I don't know)


So I went and talked to one of the lovely ladies at the studio. They recommended Smashbox and Makeup Forever. Ended up going with the Makeup Forever HD Primer in 0.

Re: Face Primer...?

Hourglass Mineral Veil is my favorite!! Smashbox is my second choice. If you think the Hourglass one may be too pricey the smashbox is a close runner up. The only good primer in my opinion that BM has the neutralizing one which helps with redness and if you are on the drier side. other than that all the other ones fail. Just my own thought! Smiley Happy


Re: Face Primer...?

If you are using a liquid foundation I personally think it's fine, but if your wanting something with a little more oil control look to the Hourglass Primer or the Too faced Primed and Poreless or The HD Primer is also a great one.

Re: Face Primer...?

I didn't even this to look at Too Faced. I think Tarte has a Poreless primer too. And a brightening one. I might try those next after using the MF one I just got. Or the Hourglass. Everyone seems to like that one/suggest it!

Re: Face Primer...?

I have to highly recommend Lancome La Base. It's oil free and good for all skin types.  I am in my 60's and have Rosacea which can make my nose and cheek areas very rough. One squeeze of this primer covers everything but my forehead. I can use my moisturizer under the primer and then use my Bare Minerals or liquid foundation over the primer. (Just be sure to allow a couple of minutes of drying time between steps.) My only caution is don't be over zealous and use more primer because you can use too much. I have not suffered any ill effects as far as my rosacea is concerned either. The primer isn't cheap but it takes such a small amount and the result is so good that I don't mind the cost. Prior to finding this product I had given up on being able to effectively wear any kind of foundation makeup on my face. It just caked up, sank into my wrinkles and made me look awful.

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