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Face Mask/Peel Products

Hello! I use the Clinique three step system, and I was wanting to add some sort of mask or peel to my skin care routine. I have oily combination skin, and I am looking for a product that detoxifies, deep cleans, and makes skin radiate without injuring my sensitive skin. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks <3

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

Have you tried the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask? I have oily combination skin, and I feel like this mask fits the bill for what you're looking for. I personally think Glamglow Supermud or Youthmud might be a bit too much for sensitive skin, so I would be careful and try a sample of that before buying if you are interested in it.


The Fresh Umbrian Clay mask might also be a good fit for you. Just make sure you moisturize really well after using this mask.

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

I was interested in the boscia mask, but I read some reviews that if you're not careful it could remove some eyebrows. Also, I was somewhat interested in the fresh rose mask. Do you have any opinions about that?

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

I don't actually have any experience with the Fresh rose mask, unfortunately! I'm sure someone else around BT does... I've used the Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial (which I quite like), but that's more similar to an intense nighttime moisturizer and skin brightener than a peel/detoxifier exactly. I hope someone else can give you insight on that Fresh mask!

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

sarahkatherine -


I too have oily/combo skin that tends to be sensitive.  I went to Sephora thinking I would get a Glamglow mask, but on the recommendation of my favorite and most trusted Beauty Consultant, ended up buying the Perricone Chloro Plasma mask.  I am really liking it.  I have been using it twice a week and have noticed less breakouts and greater radiance.  My skin feels so soft after taking this off and it hasn't bothered my sensitive skin at all.  The BC said the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Mask is also a good one for us oily/sensitive gals.  Glamglow apparently is just a little too harsh for those of us with sensitive skin.


Any mask with clay will help detox your skin - I have heard good things about the Clarisonic clay mask and the Fresh clay mask, but haven't tried either of them.  I ended up going with the Perricone Chloro Plasma because I wanted not just detoxing, but a mask that would have anti-aging and brightening benefits as well.  If you are near a Sephora, don't be afraid to go ask for samples of the masks you want to try before you commit. 


One last note, I would avoid peeling masks if you have sensitive skin, particularly if you are over the age of 35.  Most peeling masks will say right on them they are not for "mature skin," but if your skin is aging (i.e., over 35) these types of masks can do more harm than good.  I tried the Boscia Black Mask and would not recommend it if you have sensitive skin.  This is one of those peeling masks, and it felt like I was ripping off the top layer of my face - this thing is b*tch to get off!  It really, really irritated my skin - I was red for days!


Good luck finding your perfect mask!

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

The decision has been made! After looking at all the reviews of everything people recommended i chose the Perricone Chloro Plasma mask. Thanks for your help! xoxo

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

I will say that since you use Clinique, do not waste your money on the Instant radiance facial ( or whatever it is called) I tried it once, and for 35 dollars, It was not impressive at all. I felt it did nothing for my skin and  wasn't wroth the money. I like Clinique a lot, but this mask was definitely a dud. 

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

HI sarahkatherine,


I recommend trying Glamglow's Supermud Clearing Treatment. It is one of the best face masks I have ever used. It really deep cleans my skin and helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts. I also feel like my skin looks more radiant after I use this mask. Smiley Very Happy

<3, Randee

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

I have very oily and sensitive skin. My favorite mask is the origins clear improvements active charcoal mask. I LOVE it. I see immediate results, my skin feels and looks sooo clean... like it vacuumed my pores Smiley Tongue and soft and smooth and bright and wonderful and the mask doesn't irritate my skin at all! I do NOT recommend the boscia masks if you have oily skin, I have tried three of their masks, I saw 0 difference on my skin and about an hour or two after I rinsed the mask of and applied my normal skincare my skin got ridiculously oily... with all three masks. Obviously everyones skin is different, and they might work wonderfully for you, but I would get a sample first!!!

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

Hi Sarahkatherine,


Look for clay masks, they are great for oily skin and they draw out impurities and oil.


I suggest the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, its formulated to be gentle for sensitive skin.


<3 Melissa

Re: Face Mask/Peel Products

Thank you so much everyone! I never expected to get so many replies! This was extremely helpful! <3 <3 <3

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