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My eyelashes point and bend in the different directions. They point to side of my eyes and crisscross each other. No exaggeration. I have tried different mascaras, and they have not worked. Other people have tried to apply the mascara, but my eyelashes were still not straight. Do you know any products or have any advice/tips to how I can get my eyelashes straight?


Re: Eyelashes

you could try using an eyelash curler, hold it ( the eyelash curler) under warm running water first, the heat might help relax your lashes, then apply mascara to set it.

Re: Eyelashes

Smiley Happy Great minds.....

Re: Eyelashes

I know that you're asking about making the lashes straight so this answer may not suffice, but have you tried a lash curler?  When I curl my lashes I find they all line up much nicer in a parallel manner (although they are now curled).

Re: Eyelashes

Tashalicious and I were posting the same thing at once. Sorry for the duplicate.

Re: Eyelashes

lol I was just about to say eyelash curler too...


Give it a try. Wiggle right into the base of your lash line without pinching your eye lid, and hold gently but firmly for 5 seconds or more. You'll be able to see how the pressure straightens out your lashes. Apply mascara immediately afterwards (you can try pumping up the length of your eyelashes too for a more natural curl) and it should hold your lashes straight Smiley Happy

Let us know if it works!!!

Re: Eyelashes

More than likely it's just the way your lashes grow. The eyelash curler may work but you have to realize it would be like trying to curl straight hair and some hair just won't hold curl. Smiley Happy

Re: Eyelashes

I have eyelashes that pokes the corner of my eyes and my eyeballs. It drives me crazy (I do not recommend plucking them, yup, crazy enough to try that). Eye lash curler helps.


However, if eyelash curler and nothing else works, I recommend going to an eye doctor. I know some eye surgery doctor can do something about it, I'm going to be looking into it this winter.

Re: Eyelashes

Hi taveylove1,


Have you tried an eyelash curler? That can dramatically help in making sure lashes step into shape. Another option would be to try a lash serum during the evenings. This will hydrate and keep your lashes strong as well as supple which will make them easier to work with.



Whimsically yours,
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