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Hi there!


What are the best products to use when filling out your eyebrows? Also, does Sephora give any tutorials on how to fill out eyebrows? Thanks! 

Re: Eyebrows

Check out this thread that covers a slew of products and formulations geared for brows that can help lead you to the right product depending on the look you want to achieve and also the application time/effort you're wanting to put in:


Depending on the look you wish to achieve, whether it's just a subtle enhancement, looking to overall reshape and fill in more heavily, having to draw in and create a brow or portion of a brow, tips and techniques can be tailored to your needs.

Re: Eyebrows

Thank you, Lylysa! I will look through it! 

Re: Eyebrows

You're welcome! The brow world can be quite a whirlwind, but keeping a light, soft hand when applying helps prevent you from applying product too heavily, and using short, feathering strokes whether it's a pencil or brow powder on a brush helps apply a fine amount of product so you can gradually build up.


I didn't even cover brow markers in that thread, but the technique to keeping a light hand helps for those too to avoid a hard, bold line.


Also, a clean spoolie brush (clean off an old mascara wand, or ask a Sephora cast member for a couple when you're shopping next, or pick a pack up in the disposables aisle at a beauty supply store), clean baby tooth brush, or even a brush brush will help soften color and application in case you apply too much.

Re: Eyebrows

How about the color? How do I choose the right color? My eyebrows are black. Should I go with a  black pencil? 

Re: Eyebrows

For black brows (which is what I sport), aim for a dark brown. Using black will make brows look unnatural and superficial as essentially the product you choose is meant to "fill in" those gaps and sparse areas between strands of hair and when you layer something that is the exact shade, you make your brows look one dimensional and cartoon like. Using a dark brown will help fill in the areas and add depth, but not make your brows look so flat. The dark brown essentially builds up the look of richer, fuller brows and enhances them rather than make them seem entirely drawn on.


I use Benefit's Brow Zings in Dark, which come with a tinted wax and a dark brown brow powder, tweezers, and two tiny brushes. I use my Smashbox angled brow brush to apply it (the tiny brushes aren't as stable/solid and I use them if I travel and don't bring my regular/full sized brow brush with me.


Anastasia's brow powders and Smashbox's Brow Tech (wax and two powders) in their brunette/ebony shades also work well for black hair.

Re: Eyebrows

Ahem. I have black eyebrows as well, and I use a very dark black ink pen to fill them in and they do not look unnatural or superficial, tyvm. It's all in the application.

Re: Eyebrows

True that it's all in the manner of application, I won't discredit that, but for someone just starting in the brow world, jumping right into the darkest color just because it matches hair color might seem more advanced as it does require more practice. My comment was in no way meant to be insulting or downright basing, as I can plainly state that if someone's brows are very sparse or thin and they have black hair, using a black tinted product can work well as you're moreso applying product to skin to make shape and form rather than enhance what may already be a fuller brow where adding the same color might make it look more weighted. But of course it's all a manner of personal preference, my above suggestions were merely to keep the mindset of easing into brow territory as opposed to someone who is well practiced and comfortable enough while having the skill set to manipulate and utilize a tool/product of choice. Smiley Happy

Re: Eyebrows

Hi Ani14,

My personal favorite is the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. I think that powders sometimes look more natural than a pencil.  Apply it with the Mini Duo Angled/Spooley brush.



Our Sephora retail stores offer makeup consultations by appointment. Contact your local store directly for more info! >

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Eyebrows

Ah, perfect. Thank you Laurabt. I need all the consultation I can get, I'm clueless. My friend also recommend this product. I am just afraid of applying it. Also, How would I go about choosing the right color? I have black eyebrows. Thank you! 

Re: Eyebrows

Can you explain what the taupe side is for? I feel like it doesn't show up on me (I have naturally light ash brown hair, fwiw). Is my hair too dark or something? The darker side works great, but for days when I want something less dramatic I thought the taupe would be great, but I can't seem to make it work...

Re: Eyebrows

Have you tried mixing the two shades together? That's usually perfect for me. If not, just start with the darker shade and put the taupe one on top of it to lighten it up and make it look more natural Smiley Happy

Re: Eyebrows

Ohhh, so you put it on top of the darker shade?! I never would have thought that.  I will try it tonight 👍

Re: Eyebrows

Different people have different preferences with regards to how they like their eyebrows done.  It also depends on what you have to start with.  If you get a consult, let them know what your usual routine is and how much time it takes - some methods can take longer or require more practice.  Also, don't be afraid to be honest with whether or not you like the look - some like a darker/fuller brow and others don't.  Regardless of what is "in" or "recommended", the important thing is that you like the look and feel comfortable with it.

Re: Eyebrows

i use Sigma's Brow Duo. let me tell you that this one is so long lasting! i put my makeup on around 6am right before i go to work and when i get home at around 6pm it's still looks as it did right after i applied it! love it to bits!




Re: Eyebrows

I love the Dior Brow Styler Pencil it is so super easy to use and looks so natural I love it!

Re: Eyebrows



I like the Nyx eyebrow cake powder.  Or, I will also use a single eyeshadow in the color I want.  I'm a dark redhead, so the Nyx auburn powder is perfect for me.  Or, I will use a reddish brown eyeshadow, I've been using "Brownie Points" by Jane, which is no longer made, I'm on my last one, boo hoo!


I first brush my brows, then I use a brow brush to fill them in with powder.  It takes a little practice, but is not difficult, I touch the brush to the underside of the brow and brush up.


Once they are filled in, I use a tiny bit of clear mascara to set them, then I clean up the outside edges with a dampened cotton swab.


Even if I decide not to wear makeup on a given day, I *always* do my brows!  My natural ones are thin and a little sparse, and I feel they really frame your face when done.

Re: Eyebrows

I second the Dior pencil...I especially like that it is not as warm as some pencils tend to be. I also have the Anastasia brow powder, and prefer that over the mechanical and regular Anastasia pencils (one was too harsh, the other to bulky). I did try the Tarte Amazonian mousse and while I like the texture, the colors (I have medium brow) are very dark...I'll try the taupe to see if I can get a color match.


Finally I really love the MUFE eyebrow corrector. I don't like that Sephora only carries three of the colors. I can use 25 but its darker than I like, so I have to order 20 elsewhere. But regardless, these are super easy to use and they don't budge all day!

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