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Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

Out of nowhere I started having terrible reactions to eye makeup - even when I remove it, I get lots of gunk and irritation while I'm sleeping and wake up with swollen, blood-shot, painful eyes. What products should I be using?

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

I would first consult your doctor or a dermatologist to determine what could be causing the issue -- it could be an allergy to a common ingredient, and it sounds like a pretty severe reaction if your eyes are swollen. Unfortunately, though, finding something that doesn't irritate you will probably be trial and error. A product with "hypoallergenic" or "dermatologist tested" on the label does not really mean anything (there are no FDA guidelines or official definition of the word hypoallergenic) and it is not a guarantee that it won't irritate your eyes. 


What are you using right now?

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

I agree with Katie go see a doctor first because something is wrong since it could be a lot of this. The makeup, makeup remover or cleanser or something else. I had a bad reaction to cliniques makeup remover and my eye was swollen too (didn't even use it on my eye) but thankfully I knew exactly what is was.

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

Hi smhoho,


So sorry to hear that! Please contact your doctor immediately. It sounds like you could be having an allergic reaction to a product.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

Agreed with everyone who said go to the doctor!


When you go, bring an ingredient list for everything you're using so the doctor has a point of reference.

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

Ideas; I would start with what item (non disposable latex sponge, synthetic cotton balls, special wipes, etc) are you using to put your remover on to?

Also be aware of what is actually on your hands, how clean are they and what you used to clean them with?

Allergy season is here pollen rides on hair transfers to pillowcases, etc. Lately I wear no eye concealer, shadow, liner nor mascara-just a dry gel moisturizer and wake up with looking like this, even with running an air cleaner all night in my bedroom. I know from charting this last year what it is and why (which I post in next years day planner with what work remedy wise). I agree with ladies- go see your doctor asap.

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

Wait, hold on!  Something else just occurred to me.


You're getting reactions while you sleep.  Are you getting reactions during the day as well?


Sounds crazy, but did you switch detergents?

Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

That's not a crazy suggestion at all, starletta; I've seen some pretty severe allergic reactions from laundry detergent Smiley Happy Good thought!


Re: Eye makeup for bad allergic reaction

Agree with detergent thought.  Or softener.  Or hair products.  What is new in your routine?  That's the villain.

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