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Eye cream issues

After I apply eye cream enough times to see that my lid tightened and was more firm, could I stop using it or would I have to keep using it to keep the same results?

Re: Eye cream issues

I think you are going to need to keep using some sort of eye cream to keep the results.  You might be able to move to something that just keeps the area hydrated, but your eye area needs moisturizing just like the rest of your face, especially as your skin ages and looses elasticity.


My eye area is crazy -- sometimes my eyes look their worst when I've gotten the most sleep.  So I use what makes sense for each day, but I think you'll want to continue having something.

Re: Eye cream issues

Hi 19blue19, yes, you would have to continue to use your eye cream if you want to continue seeing results.  Usually, once you stop using a product, you will stop seeing results.

Re: Eye cream issues

I agree if you stop using the product you'll stop seeing results.

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