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Exchange JCP Sephora Store Credit

Hi all,


I recently returned two items at a JCP Sephora and got store credit because I lost the receipt. :/

It was only after that I realized the store credit was only valid at Sephora inside a JCP, not a regular Sephora. Normally I'd be fine with this, but I'm returning home to Hawaii, where there are no JCPs... which means I'm stuck with store credit for a store that's like 3000 miles away.


Anyway, is there a way for me to exchange the JCP credit for a regular Sephora store credit? I was thinking about using the store credit for items at JCP and then returning them to a regular Sephora to get store credit that way? Would that work, or would that be considered unscrupulous (because I don't want to do something that's technically against the rules)... Sorry, thank you!


There's nothing I want to buy right now, so I'd rather save the store credit when something really catches my eye, you know? =)

Re: Exchange JCP Sephora Store Credit

Hi morgin,


Your Sephora inside JcPenny store credit can only be used in a Sephora inside JcPenny location and cannot be transferred to a regular Sephora store credit. 


I recommend that you contact the Sephora inside JcPenney store directly to see if maybe they can give you a cash back option instead since they are not able to transfer the balance and may have a better recommendation of what you can do. I hope this helps!



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Exchange JCP Sephora Store Credit

Did you use a credit card? If so did they try and look it up for you? If not go back before you go home or call them and I am sure there is something they can do. JCP store credits never deperciate so when you do come back to the 49 states, you will sill be able to use it.

Re: Exchange JCP Sephora Store Credit

I've done the same thing...and had to spend it at JCP so I found something inside sephora to buy. I can't wait until their computers convert over to be more like a free standing computer. They should give out general señora bc or store credits. I hope it works out for you. I can't believe there's no sephora in you think there would be a big demand for it?

Re: Exchange JCP Sephora Store Credit

Did you try going to jcpenney online and shopping through the sephora link?

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