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Hello beauties,


I want to find an eye cream that targets DARK CIRCLES SPECIFICALLY


I know that there are LOTS of eye creams here, and pretty much every one of them says "reduce dark circles". But I am looking for one that SPECIFICALLY does this mainly.


Recently I have puffiness too, so I want something that can decrease puffiness as well. But, my MAIN concern is dark circles.


Can you perhaps suggest to me one that would target MAINLY dark circles and then another one targeting MAINLY puffiness. And one that can do BOTH as its ONLY function??? Because I know the more "functions" it's suppose to do, the least EFFECTIVE are each of those "functions" . So I want something that focuses only on ONE issue.  Thanks!!!


This would be a great eye cream for you to look at. It's specifically for dark circles.  You can also look at the Set Shiseido has for dark circles.  Hope this helps!



The set is 55.00 so it will be a greater value with the set and the eye cream is 55.00 alone.



I got a 2 to 3 week supply of this eye cream when I bought Shiseido and there was a gift of this eye cream but after 2-3 weeks still nothing changed......

Any other suggestion???


Hmm what other eye creams have you tried aside from the Shiseido one? The only reason I ask is so that I don't recommend products that haven't worked for you. 

Whimsically yours,


For starters, dark circles can be brought on by numerous factors, so understanding the root cause can help you decipher what ingredients to look for in products to treat the issue.


Take a shot glass or a small glass container and lightly press the flat base onto your under eye area. Do this delicately, no need to use hard pressure and damage the sensitive area, and hold it for about 5 or 7 seconds, when you release the glass from the area does the majority of the darkness fade and rush back quickly or does it stay relatively unchanged?


If the color changes rapidly and your skin goes from looking quite normal to darkened again, an underlying cause of the issue can be damaged or weak capillaries and skin on the under eye area. When the capillaries are damaged, they can leech excess blood, causing an increase in darker color. When the skin is lacking elastin and collagen, it's not as supple and resilient, leading to having issues be more visible. To address this, vitamin K is an ingredient to use that will help repair leaky capillaries. It's commonly used in terms to treat bruising, so it follows the same lines and will help combat and repair. For quicker fixes, caffeine and fruit extracts are also used. Caffeine is a diuretic, which helps to contrict blood vessels so they're not releasing or heavily passing blood flow, thus decreasing the darkness made visible while helping to promote drainage of fluid retention (which aids in combating puffiness). Caffeine will be a temporary fix and is more commonly found in AM/day treatments for the eyes. Fruit extracts that are rich in vitamin C are also used. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that combats against free radicals which are found in the atmosphere and degrade healthy cells, causing them to darken in color and breaks down collagen and elastin. The fruit extracts used (also referred to as glycolic acids or alpha hydroxy acids) promote healthier cell regeneration while brightening and evening skin tone. Vitamin C, glycolic acids, and AHAs are also great if darkness is brought on by lack of sun/UV protection, to which oxidative and environmental damage has affected skin and the under eye area.


If your dark circles didn't flush and rise back with blood with the shot glass test and remained dark, it could be a pigmentation issue as opposed to blood flow related. In which case, using an eye treatment with vitamin C and AHAs could help slough off dead, damaged cells and fade dark circles over time.


Many eye creams also contain light reflective pigments or light diffusing particles to give a bit of a "glow" or slight "shimmer" to brighten the under eye area, making them good for day time as it lends itself into more "instant" results.


Retinol, or it's many forms is also another ingredient to look for when wanting to address any eye issue. Retinol not just improves the appearance of issues (be it lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, loss of elasticity) but it also repairs damage. Retinol can be quite potent, so it's important to find out what form is being utilized as well as introducing it slowly into your skin care routine.


Here's a link that explains more:


Here's some eye creams and treatments to check into:


-Origins Ginzing (uses caffeine and ginseng to perk up eyes, contains light reflective pigments)


-Ole Henriksen Ultimate Eye Lift Kit (uses cucumber, calendula, and retinyl palmitate to soothe puffiness, the two part kit has a AM roller ball to massage and promote drainage for puffiness and the PM gel tightens and depuffs and can be used prior to a moisturizing eye cream)


-First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller (caffeine and peptides firm, depuff, and tighten under eyes while utilizing a roller ball to massage undereyes)


-Clinique Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel and All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage (two more roller ball options)


-Ole Henriksen Truth is in the Eyes Peel and Total Truth SPF 15 Creme (the peel is more of a treatment that can be followed up with eye cream, but it contains vitamin C-rich AHAs and the cream also utilizes SPF to protect the delicate under eye area in the AM)


-Peter Thomas Roth Power K (vitamin K and kojic acid repair capillaries and brighten under eyes)


-Murad Essential C SPF 15 Eye Cream (similar to the OH Truth Creme, uses vitamin C and also includes UV protection)


-Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream (apple extracts and peptides work to brighten and firm undereyes)


For more to look into and a deeper break down on some of the items already suggested, look into:


Also be patient, most skin care or treatment based products will take anywhere on average from 4-6 weeks for results to begin showing, even upwards to 8-12 weeks.


Oh gosh sorry about that you didn't list what had you used before so I didn't know. It looks like you have used alot so they may be hereditary and there's not alot you can do there.


Thank you lylysa for your great advice!!


Janine, I have tried Clinique Even Better Dark Circles, Origins Ginzing, Fresh Lotus Eye Gel, and Biotherm SOS (orange one)


I don't know why I have this feeling that the Bliss triple Oxygen will work? Maybe I just like the texture.  And I heard the Boscia (grey bottle) is good for de-puff?


I will look into the ones that lylysa recommended, thank you!!



Want no stinging?  Use Korres' Quercetin Eye Cream.  I'm on my 3rd bottle, which says a lot since I've NEVER repurchased an eye cream before.  It does exactly what you're looking for and without the stinging or irritation.  Love the stuff!


Out of curiosity, what concealer do you use? I have ridiculous dark circles, and the only eye cream that works for me is chantecaille for $150. Ridiculous, so I'm still searching. (Origins Ginzing is the closest I've found, but not my HG.) I'm searching for a concealer because I've almost given up hope on the eye cream.


I would suggest using Clinique's All about eyes.

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