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Dryness after applying foundation

I thought I'd post this here to get some feedback to hopefully help me!


To give you all background, my skin is super sensitive and dry.  I have tried a ton of different things, but what's truly working is First Aid Beauty or Nude on my skin.  I gently exfoliate twice a week and am still dry at times.  When I put on my foundation it's still dry on the crease of my mouth and my chin. 


This is what I'm using:


Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil

Nude Pro treatment serum

Nude Cellular Renewal Moisturizer

Nude Perfect Polish

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Makeup forever HD invisible cover concealer

Makeup forever HD Microfinish powder

Tarte 16 hr wear bronzer


Any thoughts you have would really help me out!  I can't stand these dry patches anymore!  It looks like my skin/makeup is flaking off.

Re: Dryness after applying foundation

It could be the formula of foundation you're wearing, but I'd start with more hydration in your skin care.  Use alcohol-free toner, and use a really good moisturizer.  I think you'd benefit from watching Lisa Eldridge's video on foundations for dry skin, too.  She is on YouTube and has really good product suggestions for what you're battling.

Re: Dryness after applying foundation

I too have really dry skin, it flakes after I apply foundation, I get dry patches..


I'm on a never-ending quest to find the HG foundation. I have tried Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation, and I found that it was far too thick for my dry skin. That may be your problem, the foundation.


My advice is to go to a Sephora store (if you are able) and just get a ton of samples of different brands of foundation.


Make sure to let the employee know that you have dry skin, so they can help you find a more moisturizing foundation. Currently im using Tarte Amazoian Clay foundation. But , everyone is different, so you might have to try a few out.

Re: Dryness after applying foundation

Hi aberhottie19,


I occassionally get those dry patches too! Usually I find that they have a tendency to flare up when I'm using a new product. Have you recently added a new product to your line up? That might be the reason for the dry patches.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Dryness after applying foundation

Thanks to everyone who responded!  My skin is actually getting better.  I think adding the exfoliator really helped.  The dry patches are definitely going away. 


Honestly, it's all about how you are taking care of your skin, first.  You could try every foundation under the sun, but if you're not taking care of your skin they wont be effective and that's what the store helped me figure out. When I posted this I had just gotten the exfoliator, but hadn't used it all that much.  It takes about 30 days for a product to be effective with your skin after you first start using it.  And, this is all depending on age.  Someone whose older could take up to 60 days to actually see results.  It was pretty cool to learn about how the skin works!

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