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Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

I've been using a couple 'gel' products (Mally eyebrow creme, BB gel eyeliner) and with use they seem to get dryer in the pot.  Is there something I can add to revive the product?  Make it creamy smooth again?

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

I have heard (haven't tried it yet!) that you can put the pot into warm water and it can help! search youtube, I have seen, but do not remember, what they did!

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

What I used to do with my old pot of BB gel eyeliner was add a bit of my current eye cream into it and it would be good as new! (Although I find that it becomes less smudge-resistant).

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

Ive done this a few times, and it definitely works. it is just best to catch it before it gets too dry otherwise the results aren't as good and you will have to do it more often


Boil a small pot of water, once it comes to a boil turn the flame off

place your gel/cream in a plastic baggy, tightly closed and sealed.

Place the bag in the water face up for about 2mins

Remove bag, and take out gel, let it cool for about a min and check on the consistency.

Depending on how dry and how hot the water is, repeat if necessary

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

Oh, I've never tried this. Sounds like a good idea!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

Hi Realred,

Anything that you add to the pot might decrease its staying power, and pigment, so I wouldn't recommend it.  Make sure you are keeping the lid screwed on tightly when your gel eyeliners aren't in use.  For eye pens, it helps to store them with the tip pointing downward so that the liquid inside keeps the felt tip wet and doesn't dry out.  I keep mine standing up with my brushes.  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

yes, and store gels face down Smiley Happy

Re: Drying gel eyeliners...revive?

Thanks for the tips!! 


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