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Dry skin

I've been cleansing my face with the Perricone Citrus face wash and using the Blue Plasma Peel at night. My skin has been dry and flaky after moisturizing the next day.


Should I cut back on using the peel or the face wash?




Re: Dry skin

Hi Arete,

Are you using the Blue Plasma peel every night? With all the exfoliators, masks and peels we have recommend definitely do not use ANY of them every day. For all of these, 1 or 2x a week maximum should be the best for you.


If you are still trying all of these items and nothing is helping, please visit a dermatologist as it's possible you may need something stronger and more effective that we do not offer here at Sephora. Your skin may be dry and flaking due to dry weather or a cold environment (it may even be your makeup or water intake!) but just to be sure, a visit to a dermatologist would be the safest way that I suggest.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dry skin

Diana hit it on the head, the Blue Plasma Peel is going to be way to potent for nightly use!


Try cutting down on the usage to see if this gets your skin back in line first.

Re: Dry skin

I completely understand what you're saying but I think the Blue Plasma instructions are misleading... It says to be used nightly after cleansing. 


I am only currently using my cleanser, moisturizer and the Blue Plasma. 


So if you use a treatment serum like the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum or the Blue Plasma Peel, you should only once or twice a week?

Re: Dry skin

Oops, just to be safe and for your delicate skin condition right now, try not to use any peels or masks more than 2x a week. Smiley Happy Don't want to irritate your skin any more than necessary!


A treatment serum like the VinoSource can be used multiple times daily, every day! Anything that will cause peeling or exfoliating or resurfacing you want to be more careful of and limit the applications.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dry skin

I was referring to the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Is that exfoliating since it is brightening the skin? 

Re: Dry skin

The Vinoperfect serum can be used nightly, it's not going to be like the Blue Plasma Peel, I think it's more for brightening. I understand what your saying about the Blue Plasma peel it does say can be used nightly after cleansing but that may be for someone skin condition might be a little worse than yours. Cut back to about 2 nights a week to see if that helps and if not adjust it from there. Hope this helps!

Re: Dry skin

The Citrus face wash is more for oily/combo skin.  I would replace it with Perricone's Nutritive Cleanser.  I would switch cleansers and stick with the Blue Plasma; if you're still experiencing flakiness, you may want to use the Blue Plasma with a moisturizer over it, or use it every other night and use either Cold Plasma or Concentrated Restorative treatment on the alternative nights.  I have been using Blue Plasma on a daily basis and the results are quite impressive. 


Re: Dry skin

If you have bought Blue Plasma and read the directions for use, you would know that Arete is correct.  It is a daily use product.  I have been using it for months followed by a moisturizer and have had excellent results.  Not everyone's skin is the same but I think you have to have some experience with the product before you can give advice on its use.  Arete, as I stated above, I think you should also use a moisturizer to get the full benefits. 

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