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Dry skin, nothing helping!

So I have always been blessed with great skin. I rarely had a problem with acne growing up, my complexion is pretty good for the most part and my skin is usually pretty soft. Something happened in the last 6 months or so. I don't know if it's the dry seattle air, my cold basement apartment, the stress of my new job, or just my early 20's catching up with me but my skin is SO dry. 


I was using bare minerals for years, all of a sudden, I ordered a new "matte" version which actually is for oily skin and since I don't have oily skin it just dried my face up like salt on a slug. I stopped using the makeup and hydrating all the time. (during this period I was actually dipping my face in bowls of olive oil every 10 minutes it was that bad!) I finally got the skin back to normal, and had realized the problem with my bare minerals so I bought a new bare minerals that was for "hydrating" but because it is still a powder I didnt feel like it helped at ALL. 


While shopping with girlfriends at Sephora one of my friends recommended Laura Mercier. At first I LOVED it but now that I've been using it for over 2 weeks. My skin is getting dry and flaky again, its been easier to control and get back to normal after I wash and mositurize but it's still happening AND my skin is starting to break out since I'm using a creamy oil. 


What the heck do I use for dry, sensitive skin that doesn't clog pores? 


I just switched my face wash from Neutrogena to 'St. Ives for Sensitive Skin' (another recommendation from a friend and I love it, I don't think thats the problem) my face mositurizer is Olay and also Aveeno. I find that Aveeno works better its a little more heavy duty but it burns when I put it on my skin after showering so I use the Olay. 

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

Hey! Sounds eerily similar to me... I use bare minerals as well and am 24 and this winter for some reason my skin went crazy dry on my cheeks and was so tight and uncomfortable and red. With combo/oily skin I am not used to this and it was very frustrating. I chalk it up to dry air and also probably my constant use of a space heater. I tried argan oil patted on my cheeks and that did not help and I hadn't changed any of my products otherwise. Origins was my holy grail in normalizing my skin! I highly recommend you check out their creamy face wash Checks and Balances (still exfoliate a few times a week though) and *most importantly* I urge you to check out Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask - omg my savior. It smells divine too - like apriocots - and it is sooo thick. I have acne prone skin so this should not be a problem for you as it did not break me out futher. Pair it with a decent day time moisturizer and you're good to go. But the drink up mask is $16 I believe but it is so worth checking out.

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

I have similar skin that's an overall good complexion, my only concern being that it's sensitive and can get very dry. I live in Seattle too! I recently switched up my skin routine. I used to use Clinique's Mild Facial Soap and Dramatically Different lotion both once a day. Now, since lacrosse seasons has started (woot woot!) I use BareMinerals' Deep Cleansing Foam after practice to ward off any acne and have stuck with the Clinique facial soap during my morning shower. I also switched my moisturizer to First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Facial Moisturizer. The things that I love about this moisturizer is that it's intensive but absorbs quickly, lasts all day, and is great for my sensitive skin. Hope this helps!

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

It sounds like your stripping you skin and I would suggest something less abrasive , I just know that the St. Ives is just bad for your skin, try something like the Korres skincare for balance and gentle. Also for your foundation gear back a little on the heaviness it sounds like your pores are getting clogged. Also another cleansing line would be the Kate Somerville detox line which is very gentle and won't strip. For foundations go with something last will last forever and have staying power like nothing else and that would be the KAT Von D foundation for that satiny smooth finish. Hope this helps!

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

I have very dry skin as well and this is how I tame that.


First off, cleaning your face.. I would say use the purity made simple cleanser with a clarisonic if you can afford the clarisonic. If not that's totally okay. Just use a very mild exfoliator. You don't want to over exfoliate because it will make your skin even more dry.


Moisturizer. I use the hope in a jar which is great. But, if my face is feeling super dry one day I will use the origins Make a Difference Plus. That is a super moisturizing moisturizer. I seriously love it.


Foundation. Invest in a beauty blender! It will seriously make your face 100% FLAWLESS. Just saying, birchbox has it cheaper than sephora. But, just wet the beauty blender and it is supposed to bounce on your skin to blend in the foundation. I like lots of coverage, so I use the LM silk creme foundation with the beauty blender and it looks beautiful. That foundation can be pretty tricky to blend, so the beauty blender is awesome. I would not suggest using brushes to blend in your foundation. When you use a brush you are irritating your skin by buffing in the foundation. So try not to use them. If you can't afford the beauty blender, buy disposable sponges from the drugstore. Wallgreens or CVS. Don't reuse them because that will spread bacteria which could lead to more breakouts.


Also, don't use powders. If you do, just powder where you get oily. Not the whole face. It can get cakey easily. I use the Rimmel stay matte. But that is just because I get a little oily through my t-zone and I only use that on days when I know I need my makeup to last me a full day. Like I said, just apply it on your t-zone if you get oily.


You could also use cream blushes. Illamasqua has really nice ones, otherwise the stila convertible colors are really nice. They make the face look more fresh than putting a powder on the skin.


Hope all this helps!

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

Use a super gentle cleanser, I love Purpose it's very close to Johnson's baby wash, same company and scent.  It's so gentle and takes off your makeup.  Then before you exfoliate more often make your skin less angry by using a really good moisturizer, Clinique Moisture Surge is wonderful, scent free, it's a thick gel that doesn't burn if I get it near my eyes, I have very sensitive skin.  If this isn't enough use vitamin e oil at night with your lotion, just a few drops, it heals mine if I get wind burnt.  I hear that if you don't have to wash your face with soap in the morning it's better because your skin worked all night to get the ph right and heal.



I have had issues with the new formulas of st. ives, it used to be wonderful and now it makes me break out.

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

I also have VERY dry skin (flaky) and recently what i have been doing is using the Korres sleeping facial or useing their 24 hr moisture cream (this stuff is amazing)


But you also might want to stay away from ANY POWDERS! powders absorb oil and that is not what you want. you want to keep your oil! try sticking with just foundation, or look for a tinted moisterizer/BB creme.


What i am currently using is the Makeup forever's face and body! It is VERY hydrating, the only thing is that it is sheer but it has some buildable coverage! This is also the first thing i have used that has not made my skin break out!


Hope this helps!

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! This is allll so helpful!! 

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

I am just a long time client and consumer of maquillage (make-up), willing to take the time to share my results and experience on exactly such a topic. Bear in mind that i first experienced this same scenario mentioned by "polkadot" when I was 45, and now 50+. Just as the Sephora Beauty Advisors have mentioned in many of their posts we need to be aware that the primary factors that affect dry skin are aging and  the "elements" (ie. diet, climate, environment, beauty habits/routine,child-bearing/hormones, as well as (important) 1's diet and vitamin supplements you may/may not be taking daily at the time - these issues can rapidly make change(s) 2 your skin's sebaceous/moisture levels). Primary hydration with a mild mosturizer or facial to the facial skin's surface IS rightfully key. The post's Q. is very pertinent and helpful & A.'s/recommendations given here are excellent. I was recommended the Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder, by a super congenial Sephora Beauty Adviser/Expert, as an alternative to my usual Bare Minerals (original formula) tinted foundation product. I switched from a more costly formula that is a french powder foundation to assist in the remedying same scenario "polkadot" mentioned in her conversation. I have great skin and it changes when subjected to climate change/environmental factors. & future on-going aging process. I recently made avail of Amore Pacific foundation (liquide-based) products as a solo foundation (as an alternative) but have had excellent success in utilizing Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder as an alternative mainstay to using the Bare Minerals powder foundation (and it exhibits outstanding buildability as far as coverage - ranging from sheer to more opaque; as these needs can vary due to imperfections such as break-outs, skin tone changes (ie. tanning fluctuations)). Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder foundation is more costly than Bare Minerals foundations but a little goes a long way if you have a clear complexion (as blemish problems decrease with age normally and then aging skin problems take their course, unfortunately more rapidly than some (like me) prefer to mention). Sephora Beauty Advisers please elaborate, at your convenience, on more powder foundations that are also great for dry/aging/sensitive skin. Important note: do the suggested products an ingredients disclosure list for those with sensitive skin (ie. roseacia). I thank you young 'polkadot" for your original post and contributors of expert advise.


Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

For drier skin, a cream foundation will be your best bet. I use Cover FX for my clients.

Also, in the mornings, use cooler water to wash your face. Do not try it thoroughly, leave it damp and then add your moisturizer to your skin. This will allow it to really be absorbed and hydrate your skin even more. And the Sephora gel cleanser does wonders on drier, more sensitive skin. It does not foam up to a rich lather (the more foamier it gets, the more detergents are in the product-detergents strip your skin) which won't strip needed oils from your skin. Another suggestion is using a moisturizer with a more natural base, such as Ole Henriksen's line. 

Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

My skin got SUPER dry this winter (and I thought I had combo/normal skin before).  There were a few products I used after testing a whole bunch and I feel like my skin has finally somewhat returned to normal...

- Cleanser - Fresh soy face cleanser

- moisturizer - fresh seaberry oil with fresh rose gel hydrating cream (not available at sephora) at night

for day time - i use fab ultra repair cream on dry patches as needed + sunscreen 

-foundation - laura mercier tinted moisturizer (occasionally) 

I used the clinique 3 step system for a few months and I think that contributed to the extra dry skin..needless to say I returned those and since switching to fresh my skin has been MUCH better. Good luck sampling!


Re: Dry skin, nothing helping!

try bioelements oxygen cocktail

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