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Dry shampoo

What is the best working dry shampoo to use for hair that has missed a shampoo or two?

Re: Dry shampoo

Hi allsephora!


My favorite dry shampoo is Drybar's Detox Dry Shampoo. It is completely translucent so it is invisible in the hair. I have found that this dry shampoo gives my hair a ton of volume and makes my hair look freshly washed. Smiley Happy



<3, Randee

Re: Dry shampoo

I have yet to try it, but lots of people recommendations love Batiste's dry shampoo. They have the original product formulated for specific hair colors for a dollar extra. I think they retail for $8-$9. If you want to spend a little extra cash, Bumble and Bumble has a powder that acts as a dry shampoo and volumizer. 

Re: Dry shampoo

Hi allsephora, 


I have another tip! If you want to add more volume to your hair along with the dry shampoo, try something in an aerosol format. If you have extra greasy hair, powders that you have to literally pour or shake onto the scalp are better for that. Then you can follow up with a hairspray or spray wax/gel. Smiley Happy


I love the Alterna Bamboo Beach Dry Shampoo with the mango scent:

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dry shampoo

i swear by bumble and bumble dry shampoo. i use the white hair powder aerosol because i have light blonde hair, but i believe it comes in a few different colors to match your hair. its quick and easy, and gives you a little volumeSmiley Happy 

Re: Dry shampoo

I haven't tried any of the below suggestions before but I like Klorane's dry shampoo because it eliminates oil and makes my hair feel real soft after I use it.


Re: Dry shampoo

Lots of great options mentioned. I am an avid dry shampoo user (Batiste Tropical is my all time fave).


I like to spray it through my roots at night before I go to bed (dont even brush it through - just go straight to the pillow), and then when I wake up in the morning my hair looks better than freshly washed - because it also has some volume to it. And I don't have to worry about any white or powdery residue because the product is all worked into my hair by the time sunrise rolls around...


Hope you find one you love!


Re: Dry shampoo

have you tried the batiste color for blending roots?  I'm always looking for a new dry shampoo, but on ulta website, I dont see tropical.

Re: Dry shampoo

I don't care for the scent of the color versions. Tropical is harder to find in stores - I buy it online.

I like the original scent though. The blush and cherry scents are nice, but pretty strong.

Re: Dry shampoo

I've been happy with Suave dry shampoo, if you are wanting to try a drug store brand. 

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