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Dry, combination, sensitive skin, fine forehead lines, and winter. Oh my!

I've struggled with acne all my adult life, seemingly hormonal, as different kinds of birth control pills and my cycle dictate the degree to which my skin breaks out. Now that I've turned 30, the fine lines in my forehead are becoming more bothersome. I know that my skin is also very dry, but my T-zone goes nuts getting oily very soon after cleaning my face and applying serum. I loved the skincare advice that I got from some awesome Sephora gals in Minneapolis, but now I'm in a little town and the Sephora gals here aren't quite so helpful. Here is my skincare regimen:


-Morning and night Clarisonic cleaning, with PTR Anti-Aging Cleanser

-Morning use of either Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge serum or Dior Hydralife serum (if it's more of a dry day) and follow up of either Caudalie Moisturizing Cream or Dior Hydralife Sorbet Creme (if drier)

-Night use of Dior Hydralife Sorbet Creme and Hydralife Eye Creme

-Weekly exfoliation with Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub


Summer went pretty well, but now that it's getting wintery, my face is a mess. I love the sample of Caudalie Vinexpert Night Cream I had, but I just can't get myself to spend so much on a night cream. 


Because of the oily T-zone I fear that I am under-moisturing, trying to escape the inevitable shine, but my forehead lines look AWFUL and I think my pores must need more "plumping". My skin is so uber sensitive that I have to stay away from Retinol it seems. I love my cleansing routine, that part seems good, but suggestions for a different serum and moisturizer? I almost never wear even tinted moisturizer because everything causes breakouts. I used Clinique's Almost Makeup until it was discontinued and had few problems with that and it actually came in a shade pale enough. I'd love to be using a tinted moisturizer again, eliminating the splotchiness, but finding a shade light enough and that won't cause breakouts has been more than a challenge.


So wordy, sorry guys, and THANKS SO MUCH in advance!

Re: Dry, combination, sensitive skin, fine forehead lines, and winter. Oh my!

I have the exact same problem! My combo skin has gotten so so dry! Right now I'm using Purity by Philosophy as a cleanser, When Hope Is Not Enough Serum by Philosophy and Origins Night a Mins. Once I started using a better moisturizer my skin became MUCH less oily. I mean I barely get any shine anymore! I also use Origins Drink It Up mask when I feel like my skin needs extra hydration. WHINE serum is amazing. I've been using it about a month and my skin is so much brighter and it looks so healthy. It's really helped with acne scars as well. Since you have fine lines I think it would be a good option for you because it is an anti aging serum. I LOVE Night a Mins because it has so many vitamins and good ingredients that really do wonders for your skin. It's not heavy at all but it really moisturizes my skin perfectly. Another option would be Korres Sleeping facial or Fresh Lotus cream which is more of an anti aging one. I've heard really good things about Laura Merciers tinted moisturizer, but never tried. Unless you have fair/light skin then I would look at Aveeno Positivley Radiant tinted moisturizer. It's so light and moisturizing but has great coverage and your skin will look so luminous and healthy. I loved it, but sadly it was way too dark for my ultra fair skin. I did use it for a couple of days and noticed that my skin really didn't get that oily with it. I wish I could use a tinted moisturizer but none of them come in shades light enough for me (I'm 115 in Makeup forever mat velvet and siberia in Nars sheer glow) Nars Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer comes in a pretty good range, but a couple shades dark for my skin, and I've heard good things about it. 


Re: Dry, combination, sensitive skin, fine forehead lines, and winter. Oh my!

I highly recommend Ole Hendriksen Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil, if you can stand the smell. It's bitter like very strong green tea and something sharper. It's not my favorite smell, but I tolerate it because it works great as an overnight serum/moisturizer that works on dry skin, wrinkles, and skin damage. (Also regarding the comments...I have skin that's paler than Sephora carries foundation, and even though it has a little color to it, it does not stain the skin once you wash it off. Just don't use white pillow cases.)


I also recommend finding a good serum/primer you're not sensitive to, and using that plus a lighter moisturizer to minimize oily-t-zone but keep the drier areas adequately hydrated. This also helps to minimize the look of wrinkles. (I have a great one, but it's really expensive and not sold on Sephora.)

Re: Dry, combination, sensitive skin, fine forehead lines, and winter. Oh my!

Oh my gosh, thanks a ton! I'm really pale, but with red/pink undertones and so many of the lighter colored tinted moisturizers make me look jaundiced! This summer I used Benefit "Hello Flawless" in "I'm So Money, Honey", but I was a lot darker from doing lots of yard work and running outside. Even Laura Mercier's lightest was too yellow for me.


Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough Serum didn't do much for my skin when I had a trial size of it. I have used Ole Hendriksen Pure Truth Vitamin C Oil and it is good, but because of the smell I feel like I can only use it at night and I feel like I should get a super boost moisturizing at night.  Is there a compatible lotion to follow up with the Pure Truth that won't create a barf-worthy face smell? Smiley Happy


@brittany0859 : What is WHINE serum? I'm definitely checking out Night a Mins!


@syritt : Is it against the rules for you to tell me what the super expensive product not sold at Sephora is? Smiley Happy I'm a rebel!



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