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Dry Flaky Skin

I've been struggling with dry flaky skin and have posted a couple times about the issue.


I recently went to my local Sephora and told them about my concerns. The sales woman suggested I use Korres Milk Cream Foaming Cleanser and also the Korres Yogurt Moisturizing Cream.


It's only been two days now so I haven't noticed any improvement.  My skin is still dry and flaky after washing it.


I'm also still confused on whether or not I should wash my skin morning and night? And also how often I should be exfoliating. I feel like my skin is fragile and exfoliating too much will only make it worse.

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Hi arete,


Have you tried to use oils for your face? I'm using Tarte's Maracuja oil and it's working great for my dry skin. You could also try Josie Maron Argon Oil, it is a bit heavier than the Maracuja and might be better for your skin. You can also use these morning and night. Hope this helps!

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

I've tried the Josie Maran Argan Oil and had no luck. It was too heavy for my skin and caused me to breakout everytime I tried using it.

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Hi Arete, 


I'd like to first suggest that you wash your face once daily at night so you can remove any makeup or products you may have put on. In the morning, give your face a quick rinse of warm water and pat dry with a towel as you may be stripping your skin of oils and hydration it is in desperate need of. 


For the exfoliating, its possible it may be doing more damage than good and I would suggest you drop that down to once, maybe twice a week max. 


If this has been going on for a few weeks, you may need to swap to a milky cleanser you can tissue off (that doesn't require water and is SUPER hydrating) and may even need a richer cream, possibly even a night cream for that added moisture and hydration.  If nothing is helping you may even want to consult with a dermatologist to be sure that your skin is okay and you don't have anything like eczema on the face, or that any medications you may take are causing this. 


What are you using right now for the exfoliator and what else have you tried in terms of cleanser and moisturizer? I just want to be sure not to recommend the same items twice or something you may have already tried that is not helping. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

I've been using my Clarisonic as my exfoliator about 2x's a week. I've tried using Josie Maran Argan oil but that was too heavy for me and I've also tried using Kate Somerville Goat's Milk Cream.


In the past I have also used Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and their lotion, but that was too heavy for me. The lotion seemed to just sit on top of my skin.


Do you think the Korres products are what I need?

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Thanks for the info Arete! I'd actually suggest you bump down the Clarisonic use to just once a week, this brush can be more abrasive on the skin even if you use the most gentle skincare brush head and since your skin sounds to be pretty sensitive at this time, less may be more beneficial!

Definitely look into an actual exfoliating cleanser or wash to use without the Clarisonic, something with very fine particles to help remove the dead and dry skin cells. I've had a lot of clients like the Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash as an all in one since it is both a cleanser and has the mild exfoliating beads that are super gentle.


Fabulous Foaming Face Wash


Give the Korres products a try, they are specially for dehydrated skin, which your skin definitely sounds like it is. While everyone needs their skin hydrated (even oily skin types) some of us just need more moisture on the surface which the yogurt cream is great for. Avoid anything with a silicone base or alcohols in them as they may be more likely to dry your skin out. Have you tried First Aid Beauty face cream by chance, or even Origins and Boscia? Try to visit your local store and test these out or ask for a few samples. The Mega Mushroom by Origins and the Boscia night cream could be good gentle solutions for your dry skin as well.


Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Cream Restorative Night Moisture Cream Ultra Repair Cream



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Thank you!


I think I will look into getting the Bliss Foaming Cleanser and the FAB Ultra Repair Cream.


Should I use the exfoliator once a week?

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

I replied to your post but it looks like it dissapeared, my apologies!


Yes, try it just once a week at first to see how that helps. With your skin sounding so fragile we definitely don't want to overdo it.


Try to visit your store for samples of the moisturizers and see how they help your skin. Nothing too heavy but gentle enough to leave you more comfortable. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Oh no! I totally saw it when it was posted and now it's gone! The disappearing post issue strikes again!!!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

I would consider including an actual exfoliating wash into your routine rather than use your Clarisonic alone.


Though the pulsating motions from the Clarisonic does help break down surface layers of dead skin, it's not specifically an exfoliating tool, but a cleansing tool that has benefits of exfoliation but only to a certain degree.


For starters, use a physical based scrub with gentle particles like Boscia's Facial Smoothing Polish (gentle and rounded sugar polymers buff dead skin off) or Peter Thomas Roth's Buffing Beads (gentle jojoba beads massage and break down dry/dead skin). Use the product 1-2x a week, 3x max, without the aid of your Clarisonic as you don't want the physical particles and the pulsating to over-exfoliate. Use gentle pressure and touches to massage the product onto skin, not pressing into or grinding it against your skin, let the particles do the work for you.


Since your skin is more dry, try washing only at night, this will prevent your skin from drying out due to water loss/cool air hitting a freshly washed face in the morning and drying it out before you start the day/wear make up.


As you also mention your skin being fragile, look into which Clarisonic head you have, try the delicate/sensitive brush head rather than the regular and you might be able to amp up the use to every other night or at least 3x a week.


Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Korres has the Instant Yoghurt Soothing Gel. I use that in my dry spots and it never ceases to amaze me!!

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Also, Arete, take a look back to some of the previous threads you posted in regards to your issues with dryness:


Lots of users and Mods on BT have offered up advice to you on this, so you can take bits and pieces from it all to put together a regimen to help focus on the matter!

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Two days is not long enough to notice an improvement and your skin isn't going to improve with anything unless you give it enough time to work. Hope this helps!

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

If you have dry skin you should only be exfoliating about once a week. The korres foaming cleanser has gentle chemical exfoliants but seeing as you havent noticed any improvement I would try kate somervilles exfolikate! Its amazing and you can get a gentle version too. The exfolikate is on their btg for I think $25. The exfolicating will help remove the flaky skin, otherwise you could try a mask.

Re: Dry Flaky Skin

Hi Arête. Remember to drink plenty of water and include healthy fats into your diet. Your skin is the largest organ we own. With our fast lifestyle we tend not to eat as heathy as we should. Re-evaluate your fluid and food choices. Good luck and peace.


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