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Dry/Cakey Foundation

My skin is driving me crazy! Whenever I put my foundation on you can tell-looks dry/cakey in a way. I have used the matt velvet and boscia, applied with the beauty blender. I also use the OH walnut exfoliator and GlamGlow thirsty mud. I do moisturize and prime.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Hi Ashley,

I suggest staying away from matte foundations, as they can look more dry and cakey on certain skin types.  I recommend a foundation with a natural satin finish like the ones below.  If you're using a primer and setting powder, these should cover well and last long.

Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

The new Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation is gorgeous and not make you look dry or cakey! 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Recently I was told by a mua friend to stop exfoliating as frequently as I was (2-3 days) and it made the bigggggggest difference! I was getting dry patches and what appeared to be scale-like striations on my skin when applying my foundation- it just look like my skin was thirsty and dry when it actually wasn't? It was super strange, but it has drastically improved since I started exfoliating less. For reference, I have sensitive dry/combo skin and rosacea and I use Origins checks and balances cleanser and modern friction exfoliator, Bobbi Brown extra repair moisturizing balm and Tarte maracuja oil And Bobbi Brown skin foundation. Hope this helps! 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

You may want to head to a dermatologist. A friend of mind had a similar problem; skin looked fine until she put makeup on and it broke up quickly and made her skin look dry and flaky when it was in fact oily in areas. She went to a dermatologist who said it was some form of dermatitis and prescribed a cream, which was effective within one week or so and it hasn't been a problem since.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

If I use a full coverage foundation it looks dry/cakey. I started to use MAC Fix + & spritz a VERY SOFT DENSE brush & STIPPLE/BOUNCE the brush on top of my foundation. It's NOT a "setting spray." It's more like a very,very light hydrating spray. If it doesn't work, return it for a refund! 

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