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Dry/Cakey Foundation

My skin is driving me crazy! Whenever I put my foundation on you can tell-looks dry/cakey in a way. I have used the matt velvet and boscia, applied with the beauty blender. I also use the OH walnut exfoliator and GlamGlow thirsty mud. I do moisturize and prime.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Which is the primer that you use?


Which product from Boscia do you/have you used in particular? Is it the BB cream you're referring to?


How often do you exfoliate and are you using harsh pressure or pressing against skin in a rough manner when using the Ole Henriksen Walnut Exfoliator?

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Smashbox Primer and BB


Exfoliating every 2-3 days- my skin is very smooth and looks healthy until I put on foundation. 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Which Smashbox primer in particular are you using?

What moisturizer do you use? Since the OH Walnut Scrub is a physical exfoliant, you might consider cutting usage down to 1-2x a week to see if that helps.


Is there a particular reason you're using the MUFE Velvet Matte foundation? The look and finish that it gives along with the Boscia BB cream are two different facets. Do you have a preference in finish and coverage you want?

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Ionic Photo Finish- 


Lady at Sephora chose the Matt Velvet when I told her what I wanted.

The Boscia BB was what I looked up and that matched to my "concerns".-I am just using a sample of it.


I would like a dewy look natural with medium coverage. 


I just don't want my face to look dried out.


I am light skinned with pink undertones then the redness on cheeks and chin. 



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

For starters, if you wanted a dewy look, something that states "matte" in its title isn't going to deliver dewy.


If you want to stick with MUFE, try the HD foundation instead, that offers a softer, more satin-like finish with medium/buildable coverage while the Velvet Matte offers full coverage.


Is your skin oily, dry, combination, blemish prone, or sensitive?



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

That's why I was surprised she gave me a matte foundation.


They don't have my shade in the HD foundation.



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

If your skin is combination but your overall goal is still for a dewy look, my above response still stands that using a matte finish foundation to aid in oil/shine will still not yield a dewy look.


If your shade was not available in the HD category, try Smashbox's Liquid Halo, it offers light to medium coverage, is oil free, and the gel-encapsulated pigments wear very well on combination skin as to not feel weighted. Optical diffusers provide a soft focus finish on skin to give you that dewy, supple finish. Pair that with a silicone based primer so you can manage shine on that aspect rather than with your foundation.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Should clarify that a little better... My face gets oily but looks dry-flakey


Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

I highly recommend trying kat Von D's primer. It is exquisite. I have dry skin, but that primer moisturizes my skin, hides my pores, AND makes my foundations glide on smoothly. 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

For moisturizer I have used-


OH nurture me

Sephora regular moisturizer 

Clinique redness one


Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

If you're looking for something to neutralize the pink undertones in your skin as well as balance out the redness on your chin and cheeks, consider switching from the original Smashbox Photo Finish to their green version or even MUFE's green primer.


Smashbox - Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation PrimerMAKE UP FOR EVER - HD Microperfecting Primer


Both are silicone based like the original Photo Finish primer, but the green will help to neutralize redness so you're not solely reliant on your foundation or BB cream to cover the red as red and green are opposites on the color wheel and will work to cancel each other out/tone down matters in skin.



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

I have the Cliniques green primer and that doesn't seem to do anything.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Is it the Superprimer or the Redness Solutions Protective Base you are referring to?


Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Redness Solutions

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

The Redness Solutions Base is more along the lines of a cream-based primer, it's possible this may be too heavy on your skin when combined with a moisturizer and the mattifying foundation and the moisturizing aspects of the BB cream, making skin feel too cakey.


The two primers above have a silky texture, start with a pea sized amount smoothed lightly into skin with delicate pressure over skin that has been moisturized and had time to absorb down.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

On top of that, you mention using Ole Henriksen's Nurture Me, the moisturizer is quite rich, perhaps it's too heavy for your skin along with in combination of what is being used.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

You haven't mentioned which foundation you're using, but I would guess it's the foundation itself. You're moisturizing and priming, which is great, but a great foundation is equally important. The best foundations stay smooth and supple all day and contain light reflectors to brighten your complexion and help it to look flawless. Proper color matching is also key. There are two foundations that I highly recommend depending on your budget. They are both award winners and come in enough shades for every skin color. The best department store brand is Giorgio Armani's Maestro (for a matte finish) and Luminous Silk (for a dewey finish). It's expensive ($62 last I looked) but gives a luminous glow to the skin. I, however, have a hard time forking out that much money for foundation so I go for the drugstore best buy option: L'Oreal's True Match foundation. The trick is to use your fingers, not a sponge. The warmth from your skin makes the foundation glide onto your skin and really creates a flawless finish. I then set it with Makeup Forever's HD Microfinish Powder. It's the best and lightest powder I've ever used and makes my skin look amazing. I hope this helps.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

It's any foundation- I do not like to use my fingers or brush- do not like the way it looks. 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Try a setting spray like MAC's Fix+.  You put it on after you've done all your makeup.  It really breaks up any cakeyness and leaves a nice glow but not shiny.  I usually spray about 3-4 sprays on my face so that i don't look too powdery or cakey and its awesome!

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Hi Ashley,

I suggest staying away from matte foundations, as they can look more dry and cakey on certain skin types.  I recommend a foundation with a natural satin finish like the ones below.  If you're using a primer and setting powder, these should cover well and last long.

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

The new Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation is gorgeous and not make you look dry or cakey! 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Recently I was told by a mua friend to stop exfoliating as frequently as I was (2-3 days) and it made the bigggggggest difference! I was getting dry patches and what appeared to be scale-like striations on my skin when applying my foundation- it just look like my skin was thirsty and dry when it actually wasn't? It was super strange, but it has drastically improved since I started exfoliating less. For reference, I have sensitive dry/combo skin and rosacea and I use Origins checks and balances cleanser and modern friction exfoliator, Bobbi Brown extra repair moisturizing balm and Tarte maracuja oil And Bobbi Brown skin foundation. Hope this helps! 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

You may want to head to a dermatologist. A friend of mind had a similar problem; skin looked fine until she put makeup on and it broke up quickly and made her skin look dry and flaky when it was in fact oily in areas. She went to a dermatologist who said it was some form of dermatitis and prescribed a cream, which was effective within one week or so and it hasn't been a problem since.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

If I use a full coverage foundation it looks dry/cakey. I started to use MAC Fix + & spritz a VERY SOFT DENSE brush & STIPPLE/BOUNCE the brush on top of my foundation. It's NOT a "setting spray." It's more like a very,very light hydrating spray. If it doesn't work, return it for a refund! 

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