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Dry/Cakey Foundation

My skin is driving me crazy! Whenever I put my foundation on you can tell-looks dry/cakey in a way. I have used the matt velvet and boscia, applied with the beauty blender. I also use the OH walnut exfoliator and GlamGlow thirsty mud. I do moisturize and prime.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Which is the primer that you use?


Which product from Boscia do you/have you used in particular? Is it the BB cream you're referring to?


How often do you exfoliate and are you using harsh pressure or pressing against skin in a rough manner when using the Ole Henriksen Walnut Exfoliator?

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Smashbox Primer and BB


Exfoliating every 2-3 days- my skin is very smooth and looks healthy until I put on foundation. 

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Which Smashbox primer in particular are you using?

What moisturizer do you use? Since the OH Walnut Scrub is a physical exfoliant, you might consider cutting usage down to 1-2x a week to see if that helps.


Is there a particular reason you're using the MUFE Velvet Matte foundation? The look and finish that it gives along with the Boscia BB cream are two different facets. Do you have a preference in finish and coverage you want?


Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Ionic Photo Finish- 


Lady at Sephora chose the Matt Velvet when I told her what I wanted.

The Boscia BB was what I looked up and that matched to my "concerns".-I am just using a sample of it.


I would like a dewy look natural with medium coverage. 


I just don't want my face to look dried out.


I am light skinned with pink undertones then the redness on cheeks and chin. 



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

For starters, if you wanted a dewy look, something that states "matte" in its title isn't going to deliver dewy.


If you want to stick with MUFE, try the HD foundation instead, that offers a softer, more satin-like finish with medium/buildable coverage while the Velvet Matte offers full coverage.


Is your skin oily, dry, combination, blemish prone, or sensitive?



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

That's why I was surprised she gave me a matte foundation.


They don't have my shade in the HD foundation.



Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

If your skin is combination but your overall goal is still for a dewy look, my above response still stands that using a matte finish foundation to aid in oil/shine will still not yield a dewy look.


If your shade was not available in the HD category, try Smashbox's Liquid Halo, it offers light to medium coverage, is oil free, and the gel-encapsulated pigments wear very well on combination skin as to not feel weighted. Optical diffusers provide a soft focus finish on skin to give you that dewy, supple finish. Pair that with a silicone based primer so you can manage shine on that aspect rather than with your foundation.

Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

Should clarify that a little better... My face gets oily but looks dry-flakey


Re: Dry/Cakey Foundation

I highly recommend trying kat Von D's primer. It is exquisite. I have dry skin, but that primer moisturizes my skin, hides my pores, AND makes my foundations glide on smoothly. 

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