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Desperate for help!!!

Hello beauties! I have dry combination and sensitive skin, and recently my skin condition has been worsen since 2 weeks ago in which my skin started to break out so badly on the cheek and chin (my forehead is alright)! It's really bad that everyone around me started to tell me that I should stop eating seafood, beef, egg, milk and dairy and I've tried to use all the anti-acne stuff and anti-bateria skincare with no luck Smiley Sad I'm on my period now and I think one of the reason for my serious breakout is my hormone boost from the period... I'm hoping it will be better after that... however, should I really stop eating those food or mayber there is something else I can do to stop the breakout cycle?

Re: Desperate for help!!!

Hi vanessachic, 


Honestly it could be an ingredient in a product you currently use, could be a new medication, a certain food you or eat, or anything including the type of makeup you use. Have you switched to anything new lately? Usually breakouts on the chin and cheeks are more hormonal so those sometimes require a visit or check with an actual dermatologist for suggestions on solutions that will work. Since your skin is dry combination and sensitive, using acne treatment products may be too harsh and even more drying than you need.  Try to make an appointment with a professional who can truly diagnose and help you with products (possibly prescription ones!) that will clear your skin. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Desperate for help!!!

I've heard chin breakout = stress, but don't know if that's true. Personally I get 1-2 pimples the first week of my period, every time. I get nausuated easily so cutting out milk/diary then helps with my pain, but the only food that actually cause me to break out every time are repeat meals of spicy food or oily/fried food.


If you didn't change your skincare, and there was no change in your skin condition, before the breakout, I'd say it's the period and not food. I do find masks help (Origins Charcoal, Murad clarifying) and usually put them on as overnight treatment.

Re: Desperate for help!!!

I've seen a picture that tells you based on where your acne is what biological problem you're having, maybe try googling?  I do remember specifically that the chin and jaw line are hormonal so not to fret that may be the cause.  (even read that depending on which of your ovaries is ovulating you could break out more on that side of your face!) This sounds hormonal to me.

Re: Desperate for help!!!

I know it's a pain, but I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist to help diagnose your exact problem.  I've struggled for acne over the years, and even after trying what feels like every single product on the market (including pretty much everything in sephora) I found myself talking with the derm again.  


Your derm is going to be able to help you figure out if it's hormonal, stress, or other factors.  However, for the time being I recommend cross-referencing the ingredients in products you use that break you out and see if there are one or a couple ingredients that appear in all of them.  Then google/research them and see if they are considered comedogenic or if other people are experiencing the same problems as you.  That's what I did with all my products and realized silicone was a huge trigger for me.  Now that I've eliminated silicone from my beauty/makeup regimine, my skin is significantly clear--I don't think silicone was the total root of my acne problems since it didn't clear up 100%, but it definitely was adding to it and irritating it.  Just a thought!


Hope this helps and best of luck!

Re: Desperate for help!!!

The best advice for you would be to go to a doctor or derm and get a prescription skin care regimen that is safe for you and will give you the results that you want. Hope this helps!


Re: Desperate for help!!!

I agree with everyone here, at 2 weeks it sounds like time to see a doctor.  Hormonal acne should have cleared up by now.  Another thought... has your boyfriend recently grown a beard?  My sister had a nasty breakout that turned out to be whisker rash from her man. in any case, you've suffered long enough and even if it is simply hormonal, you shouldn't have to endure a breakout this severe every month, a doctor can help.

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