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Post in Beauty Advisors

Dear Sephora...

As a VIB who loves you so much, may I request that our online and store samples that are given to us with a purchase be FEWER fragrances and more skin care and/or color products?  Thank you very much.  Respectfully and With Love, A VIB

Re: Dear Sephora...

While I do appreciate all the samples Sephora offers, I usually find myself not using them because I'm so picky about fragrance/skincare.  I would LOVE love love if Sephora could offer some sort of makeup sample or something with color??

Re: Dear Sephora...

Hi jennypenny1995,


Our samples are constantly changing so be on the lookout for new ones soon Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Dear Sephora...

I would definitely be taking more advantage of the free samples offered if there were more makeup or skincare products. I am not that interested in all of the perfume samples!

Re: Dear Sephora...

Great point!  Sephora, please take note.  My purchases are  split 70/30 online versus in-store and I never choose frangrance samples.  Most scents give me headaches and I really don't like florals so I just steer clear of them all.  

My point is that I would love to see fewer frangrance sample options in favor of more makeup or skincare options.  Also, please change the point redemption  program so that points can be redeemed for a product of our choosing.  I've been saving points for years because I never like the perks.  Thanks!

Re: Dear Sephora...

I agree!!!  I'm always a little sad when the choices are mostly fragrance  Smiley Sad

Re: Dear Sephora...

I agree,waay too many fragrances..I also prefer skincare or makeup samples.After all we are in it for the beauty right? I thought I was the only one unhappy about that..thanx for the post hope sephora hears us!!!!!!!


Re: Dear Sephora...

Sephora has been doing a good job improving the varierites of the samples since yesterday: fragrance, cologne, skincare, haircare and shaving. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work. I waited for a week for good samples to order and I did. Yay Sephora!!!!!!! Smiley Happy Only need a couple colors samples then everyone would be pleased and love you to death Smiley Wink

Re: Dear Sephora...

I agree, I shop mostly online and hate when it's mostly Frangrances. I have like 5 Justin Beiber perfume samples. And duplicates of other frangrance samples. And when they do have a really good samples up, i try and make a quick order to get it, and end up with something else when my package comes. Alittle disappointing, I know they run out but still...

Re: Dear Sephora...

I agree!!!

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