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Curl Problem!!

Hello, I've been on the hunt for an awesome hair curling product. I've tried a lot of brands, but nothing seems to make it pop. I have really long hair, so is there anything that will turn either into an instant crunch, or a touseled look? Thanks in advance!!

Re: Curl Problem!!

Hi 8TeenQueen,

Is your hair is naturally straight, wavy, curly, frizzy?  Are you planning on using a curling iron or other heat tools with the products?

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Curl Problem!!

Mmm, I usually straighten my hair, and that is the only time I use a heating tool. I've tried using curling irons, but they're never big enough to handle all the hair I have. I'm basically just looking for a product I can add to my hair, that I can blow dry, and be done with, or have an instant curled look without a lot of maintenance. Is there even anything out there like that, or am I just wishing too hard? lol

My hair is naturally wavy, but only when I get my hair wet and let it air dry. Otherwise, it's constantly straightened, and I was just searching for a new look.

Re: Curl Problem!!

Hi 8TeenQueen- if you want to avoid heat styling, have you considered heatless curls?  My favorite method is twisting my hair around itself (or using a headband for the same effect)- google headband curls if you are interested.


I usually let my hair dry almost all the way (or spray it down if it is dry) before twisting, but you could also apply a primer to make the style last longer.  Sleep on it, or let it set for at least 8 hours, and you'll have really nice, natural looking curls with minimal effort.  It's not instant, but it only takes about 10 minutes of active prep work.

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