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Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

I am deciding between urban decay and tarte. I want something not tested on animals. I am looking for a lightweight liquid foundation preferably with SPF included. I have lighter skin, some freckles that come out in the sun, green eyes, brown hair. My skin is dry/sensitive typically. Any suggestions on which brand and/or shade I should use? Also, I am on the lookout for a new skincare regimen and not sure if Sephora has any cruelty free brands good for dry/sensitive skin with anti-aging benefits. I am 34.

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Hi, Kavvy! The matter of being cruelty-free and against animal testing can be found through a variety of threads in the forum, one of the primary ones being the below:


Several users have also taken it upon themselves to provide more in-depth findings on specific brands and updates since the list was created. You can also check lists and resources like Peta, My Beauty Bunny, and Leaping Bunny.


Urban Decay and Tarte have both come under some fire and analyzing as UD is now being sold to China (which the Chinese government may or may not conduct their own testing of UD products) and Tarte has been sold to a Japanese company that does test on animals even though Tarte states they will remain committed to not testing on animals and remaining a cruelty-free brand.

(Links on UD's site about this matter has since been removed)


Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

I agree - as much as I hate to suggest PETA due to their vile conduct, their list on cruelty free cosmetics seems very thorough and well vetted.  

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Be prepared to become confused and frustrated...many things that claim to be one thing arent. or, they may not do testing, but have many  chemicals or animal ingredients. Or, they may be sold in China. The things that are truly cruelty free, go0d-for-you and more natural than full of potential toxins are very limited. I have found this very frustrating! 

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

I am comfortable with these 2 companies for now, but am definitely open to other cruelty free brands. I really need help trying to figure out which shades I should be using and which brands get the best marks. I am trying to avoid going into the store because I work full-time and have 2 young kids. Any thoughts?

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Begin exploring shade options by Google searching swatches for products, in this day, there is bound to be someone blogging or reviewing a product and sharing tons of information and swatch pictures rather than plain reviews.


If you Google "Urban Decay Naked Skin Chart" it'll pull up a page on UD's site that has a shade selector tool that not just shows swatches of the colors but faces of women that correspond to the shade they wear, making it easier to identify to a face and complexion rather than a blob of color on a computer screen.


Diana brings up good points about undertones and types of coverage you may want, give us some specifics on what you're looking for out of your make up and we can better direct you to items from either line to check out.


In regards to skin care, what you are currently looking to address or have concerns with? Let us know more about your skin type and any specific sensitivities or allergies to particular ingredients or products to help us narrow down recommendations. What does your current AM and PM regimen consist of?

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Hi Kavvy, 


I agree with Lylysa, both lines are suggested as cruelty free but doing your own research on the matter can help, particularly since they both do sell in locations/to brands that require testing. 


Since you're okay with using them and noted you have light skin, what undertones do you have? (pink, yellow, neutral, tan?) and also, what type of coverage (full, light, sheer, medium, etc.)? 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Please don't go by Sephora's list.  It is not accurate.  Another list to look at is Paula's Choice.

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Discrepancies can occur on lots of lists depending on who is responsible for updating them and how soon new discoveries/changes are made.


For example, the list on Paula's Choice has Urban Decay and Tarte under as brands that does not test on animals. 


Bare Minerals is on the PC list under not testing on animals; however, BM has been sold to Shiseido, who is on the testing list for PC but on their own website state they do not. Brands like Shiseido are sold in China were there are certain laws that do require animal testing for certain ingredients so there becomes a divide with brands were manufacturing, production, and items distributed within the U.S. may not be tested on animals, by the laws of outside countries, the brands may have to comply with their rulings even if it goes against practices they keep to within the U.S. 

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

That's for that update.  The PC list has been the most accurate I've found, so it's helpful to know I can't blindly rely on it.  Unfortunately, I've had to switch most of my brands to things Sephora doesn't sell because their CF chooses are so limited.  Sigh.  

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

No prob, it sure can get tricky in terms of navigating the assortment of lists and compilations that so many sites and folks have put together, maybe they have different criteria or have yet to update, who knows. Maybe one site's site is a "CF" list for U.S. standards and doesn't take into account brands sold to other countries to require animal testing and maybe another list just flat out hasn't had the chance to review things over again.

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

honestly as **bleep** as elf sounds and how no one likes it i tried their foundation and it made my skin look flawless and im fair and breakout so much, i didnt even apply it with a good brush and it looked great, plus its cheap as dirt pricing, comes in a bunch of shades and doesnt test on animals, so give it a try you really have nothing to lose because its so cheap to buy. 

Re: Cruelty free foundation and skincare help needed

Hi Kaavy! I echo everyone's recommendation for researching brands on Paula's Choice. There is also a relatively comprehensive list on skin care products that is very interesting to look at.


As for product recommendations, I have very dry/sensitive skin right now and am using Josie Maran's Argan Tinted Moisturizer. It has medium-coverage, along with broad spectrum SPF, and it isn't heavy or leave your skin shiny.  It's also super easy to apply-- no tools required, so you can look polished in a minute or two.


As for a skin routine-- my dermatologist recommended Cerave products (which can be found in your local drug store and is cruelty free). I use the CVS brand of both the day and night lotions (all CVS products are cruelty fee!), but the Cerave-brand moisturizing face wash-- the CVS version of it stung my skin :-( Also I've found that Jojoba oil is awesome to add to the night lotion.  I'll add a few drops to it, mix it together and apply it to my face. Sometimes my skin is really dry around my mouth, so I might add extra to that area, and whatever areas need extra help.


To make your Sephora shopping a little easier, these are most of, if not all (the whole CF thing can get confusing) the cruelty free brands that Sephora carries:


Bare Minerals


Kat Von D


Too Faced

Urban Decay


Hope this helps!


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