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Concealer for oily lids/skin?

Hey guys..I NEED HELP!! 


I have pretty dark circles and super oily skin underneath and above my eyes. I can't seem to find a concealer that works for my skin. I NEED SUGGESTIONS!! I'm half asian so I do have the oily asian skin.


I've tried Bobbi Brown concealer and it just cakes and eventually wears off.


I can't wear bare minerals products because it makes me breakout...


I've tried benefit's erase paste and fake up and they both crease so badly that I literally have to blend it every 5 minutes or less and wear off very fast as a result of my oily skin. 


I've also tried the new NARS creamy concealer but it's even worse and I can't find a tone to match my skin..


I also had a hard time matching tones to the lancome, smashbox and tarte concealers. 


I'm very saaaaad Smiley Sad and don't like looking like a panda. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

Hi Bblin92 Have you tried the Amazing Concealer? It gives a full coverage, has a creamy consistency so it is less likely to crease and comes in a wide range of shades.

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

yes try the amazing cosmetics I always keep going back to this since that first sample they sent me with one of my orders in 2011 Smiley Happy hope this helps a beauty with a Smiley Sad is a no-no Smiley Tongue

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

hey guys i really want to try this Smiley Sad but sadly they don't have this available in my sephora store ... I'm in Canada fyi!

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

Okay I've tried quite a few under eye concealers ranging from tarte, nars, bobbi brown, etc.. and most of them crease on me as well. So, I watched a video on youtube and they were raving about the covergirl and olay simply ageless eye concealer. It gives me really good coverage for what I'm covering and it feels nice on the eyes. I do set it with the LM secret brightening powder. I have never had a problem with creasing since. The concealer is mixed in with a moisturizer, but it's not extremely moisturizing to the point that it creases. I love it. And it was only like $10.

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

I've heard the Laura Mercia stuff is pretty good but have never really had the urge to try it.. Sounds good though Smiley Happy.. Have to fill you in, tried the Lancome liquid concealer in "light buff" and it looks totally amazing but will often crease if I don't use a primer..But even if I use a primer it SUPER defines my fine lines and looks retarded. Definitely going to try the brightening powder.. How much is it?!

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

I have really oily upper and lower eye lids too.  I've found that using eye primer under concealer helps with oiliness in those areas.  Try to use a powder concealer on top of the primer; I've found that to work the best.  Make sure you get a good eye moisturizer too so you don't make fine lines worse.  Good luck!

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

Hi BBlin92,

The Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer is very good too. You can also use it as a primer! It's oil free and also waterproof. A little bit goes a long waySmiley Happy I suggest the shade Ivory 6.

<3 Melissa

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

Hey hun! 


Thanks for this suggestion, although the full cover is a little bit too heavy for my under eye lids!! I've tried it before.. but super great for pimples!

Re: Concealer for oily lids/skin?

Have you tried the Boing concealer by Benefit? I found that one had more staying power but didn't feel too thick, plus the coverage is great!

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