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Comination Oily Skin

Hello- I am currently using Bare Minerals Original foundation and I love the way it looks so natural and feels light when I put it on. However, after about 3-4 hours into it, my T-zone is completely oily and looks like my make up is sliding off. I sampled Estee Lauder double wear light but it just does not look natural to me. What I do like about the Estee Lauder double wear light is that it does hold up the entire day. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't know where to start.

Re: Comination Oily Skin

Are you using primer underneath your foundation?  Also, have you tried Bare Minerals Matte foundation?  That worked better for me than the original.  


Laura Mercier Secret Finish in Matte (or was it called oil control...) has been the best primer for me even though it's not advertised as a primer.  It works really well for oil control

Re: Comination Oily Skin

I have used the Bare Minerals Oil Control primer and I feel like it made it worse. I have tried the BM Matte foundation but I thought it was too heavy. I will definitely look into Laura Mercier Secret Finish in Matte

Re: Comination Oily Skin

I have oily/combination skin and have been using Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer.  It really does have staying power and did not break me out.  It is a full coverage foundation and I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to wear it when it gets hot.  I hate it when my makeup makes me feel like I'm in a greenhouse!  I will probably switch to a tinted moisturizer for everyday use and wear the Stila when I need to look good all day.  Be sure to apply an oil free primer and set with powder.  Good luck!

Re: Comination Oily Skin

You could also look at Givenchy's Mister Mat or Two Faced Oil free primers you could also lightly go over your face with a setting powder but use a brush.

Re: Comination Oily Skin

Hmm I also use BM original foundation. I would say my skin is probably at the same state 3-4 hours in, but I've never felt like it was sliding off - like I did when I was on a quest to find a nice liquid foundation earlier this year (ultimately stuck with BM). I would definitely suggest a good primer, I do use the BM one, I actually had them use the original on me when I was getting shade matched for the ready foundation and I might actually like that one better (more silicone-y, not water based like the oil control). I never made it over to double wear in my search for a liquid foundation, but at Sephora I tried Lancome 24 hour (very heavy) and Givenchy mat foundation (it may be comparable to double wear light - I thought it looked pretty natural - I would check it out - pricey though). Givenchy mat was pretty nice but I still unenvitably got oily, however it did not break down like some of the other liquids I tried.

Re: Comination Oily Skin

@carolang- I was talking about Givenchy's Mister Mat foundation Primer.

Re: Comination Oily Skin

I actually have pretty similar skin and was using the same foundation, I had the same problem and one thing that helps me (with any foundation) is using a mineral veil, it makes my skin look more matte and helps my foundation stay on all day. I hope this helps

Re: Comination Oily Skin

Definitely experiment with some different primers- some work amazingly for me and some don't do anything. Make sure you are adequately moisturizing your face to cut down on the oil your face is trying to produce. I also like to use a finishing powder or matte-finish powder. Urban Decay De-Slick Spray and Powder both work really well on me. I also like Revlon's Stay Matte Powder.

Re: Comination Oily Skin

Hi bex16,


I completely agree with crazeeRN's recommendations of the Urban Decay products!  They work great for setting your makeup all day long Smiley Happy


Another one of my favorites is the NARS Light Reflecting Press Setting Powder.  I only apply it to my t-zone & buff it in fairly well to make sure it isnt too heavy.  On days I forget to use it, I find myself blotting a bit more than normal Smiley Sad

NARS - Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder


xo, Mia


Re: Comination Oily Skin

Try HOURGLASS Mineral Veil Primer, it's a teensy bit pricey, but it it water repelling and can make ANY Foundation stay all day!!

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