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Color Matching in Stores

Hi I have been wearing revlon colorstay for awhile and although it does wonders for my oily skin the shades are always too pink. I have decided to switch to MUFE matte velvet, but I want to be color matched. Does it cost to get color matched in stores, if I am buying the product?

Re: Color Matching in Stores

Hi Cheer14 No, there is no charge for color matching.  Since there are so many options that is the best way to find your match Smiley Happy

Re: Color Matching in Stores

Ok one last question, I want to get it done today but I would be coming straight from work with makeup already on, is that a problem? Can it be washed off there?

Re: Color Matching in Stores

No worries, there are stations with make up remover, q tips, nail polish remover, whatever you need to test out products in store! Sephora is awesome about this!

Re: Color Matching in Stores

You can also take samples home, if you prefer to try them on at home Smiley Happy

Re: Color Matching in Stores

It's great to get the samples to try before buying to see how your skin reacts and how the colors look in lights other than Sephora store lighting.  But if you do choose to buy and you're not happy with your purchase, Sephora has a wonderful return policy. 


I used to wear Revlon Colorstay and switched to Stila Stay-All-Day which also has a concealer in the cap (great value for the price).  It really does stay all day!  I also wished the concealer came separately; it's one of my favorites.  It is a medium to full coverage foundation and a little too heavy for the hot summers here in Arkansas.  I will go back to it when the weather is cooler.  Good luck and hope you have a great Sephora experience!

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