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Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?


I am not sure where to start because I'm not even sure what skin type I am. However, in the past esthiticians have told me I have sensitive, dry skin. 


I do not break out much nor do I have millia, but I have these tiny whiteheads/clogged pores that barely come to the surface (if I squeeze them stuff comes out, gross I know) but there's so many, I can't just keep squeezing. It seems even some are beneath the surface (just flesh colored tiny bumps) that just stay put.


So, my questions are, 1. Are these considered clogged pores? 2. Is caused by having large pores? (I don't think I have large pores...) 3. What can I do to treat them?

I have tried the clarisonic and it made me break out more (even after over a month of use) and I don't like to use harsh cleansers on my skin because it makes it worse as well. Right now, I use Cetaphyl as a face wash, morning and night and the Korres Rose creams (night & day). I also sometimes use St. Ives Apricot scrub and usually after cleansing at night, Roth's Glycolic Acid toner.


Re: Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?

Dry skin can cause white heads (basically the skin doesn't flake off, instead it clogs the pores). I used to have this problem on my upper arms. I found that good exfoliation (gentle if you have sensitive skin) and lots and lots of moisturizer made all the difference in the world. 


Has anything helped w/ them in the past? Have you consulted with a dermatologist? 

Re: Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?

Hi Anne,


Thanks for replying back! I have tried a dermatologist in the past (when I had insurance) and they always wanted to put me on medication which I am trying to avoid. She had recommended Cetaphyl as a cleanser and then Olay of Oil or Origins White Tea moisturizer. Although, the latter made my skin look nice for a while it never got rid of the problem. So no, nothing has really helped in the past. I feel like, the Glycolic acid toner used to help, but that stopped too.

Re: Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?

I have the same thing.  I have found that REN's glycolic acid mask helps.  In the end, the only thing that has ever really worked is medication from the dermatologist's office.  I do not take antibiotics, but I do use topical prescriptions such as differin and ziana.  Over the counter and store bought brands just can't compare to the prescription medications that the dermatologist can offer. 

Re: Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?

Thanks for your input! Question for you, do you find that the topical prescriptions dry your skin out at all?

Re: Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?

u sure your clarisonic is authentic/real

Re: Clogged Pores/Whiteheads?

Yep! I bought it from Sephora and after a month and half of using it, I returned it.

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