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Clinique stay matte fdn

I got this last April in Golden neutral but with all my wear of BBs lately i find that this comes off too yellow/golden. is there even a shade below with yellow to neutral undertones but not so pronounced?

For ref" i wear mufe 40- which was also getting a little too yellow for my liking, so i got a sample of 30 which is a little light. But i figure i can just mix them which i tried once. I also wear 120 in hd

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

Hi aviscardi,


Have you looked at shade #9? It's a true natural and neutral beige and works well if you have light- medium skin tones. I use this shade and love it because it is not too pink OR yellow/olive and it's a great neutral shade. Smiley Happy


Clinique - Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

Hi what would you suggest for NC15-NC20 skintone for Clinique stay matte, is this long wearing?
Mufe F&B 20

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

my friend wears 117 in hd and is the lightest shade which i believe is linen. shes not super fair but they don't seem to go lighter than that. 

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

i think linen is close. now i'm debating which is less pink and a bit darker, linen or alabaster? Thank you so much for answering.


Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

Hi Kissenmakeup-


I think that the best shade for you is 4 Creamwhip!


<3 Melissa

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

oh i'm worried that creamwhip will be quite orangey and more pink on me? i am more of a yellow tone. i was thinking alabaster. as i'm wearing alabaster in clinique's even better foundation. clinique has different foundation shade on each different foundation line? 

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

the shades are different across the board. i found as i went down a few shades they all turned orange or pink on me

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

Thank you. i will get the stay matte in linen! hope it works.

Re: Clinique stay matte fdn

A lot of the lighter shades have more beige in themSmiley Sad I think the best would be linen!

<3 Melissa
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