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I am looking for a cleanser for my dry combination skin type.  My skin is also pretty sensitive as well and therefore, I prefer something which doesn't foam.  Non-foaming cream cleansers work better for me.  Does any one have any suggestions?

Re: Cleanser

I recommend First Aid Beauty's Cleanser.  It is gentle for sensitive skin, but gets the job done.  It's really no frills, but I love their product line.  

First Aid Beauty - Face Cleanser

Re: Cleanser

Yup, this cleanser pretty much rocks. Nice and mild, but really does a great job cleaning the skin!!

Re: Cleanser

Korres Milk Cleanser? If you go to a JCPSephora, they're usually on sale for $13 or so. Get a sample to see if it works for you. 

Re: Cleanser

I second that! I got mine on sale and love it! So gentle and hydrating. 

Re: Cleanser

I couldn't agree more with michmo! I love First Aid Beauty's Cleanser. It's great for keeping the skin hydrated without feeling greasy or heavy. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Cleanser

I have two different cleansers I'm currently using. The one in my gym bag is FAB's cleanser, mentioned by michmo. It's very soothing. My skin is dry/combo and quite sensitive, with redness. My face gets painfully red during cardio, and this one soothes my skin (although it does not completely combat the redness).

The one in my shower at home is Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser ( This one is mild and my skin does not feel tight after using it. After showering, my face is bright red from the steam (despite not letting my face under the water and keeping it as cool as I can stand it). With this cleanser, my face is fresh and not red at all after showering. It's amazing.

The Origins is my number 1, but FAB is not a bad second for me. Hope that helps! <3


Re: Cleanser

Hi Manda,


Just to add to the great advise that you have already! Boscia makes a non foaming cleanser that's great for sensitive skin/dry.



<3 Melissa

Re: Cleanser

Ohh?  I didn't know Boscia made a cream cleanser!  Might have to check it out.

Re: Cleanser

I've been using Murad's kit for the past month and I love the cleanser. The clarifying cleanser is super gentle. Usually I get red, painful, flaky patches from cleansers, but this in combination with their skin perfecting lotion has kept my skin clear and smooth.

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