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Cleanser with Lavender?

Does Sephora sell a cleanser or product line infused with lavender?

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

Hi veritabelle!


The L' Occitane Lavender Harvest collection is a popular option for lavender infused products. They have things like bubble bath, hand creams, and soaps.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

I am so sorry!  I meant facial cleanser!

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

Ah, at this time we don't have a facial cleanser with lavender.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

It is not from Sephora, but try Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser from LUSH.  It is infused with lavender and other very calming, soothing ingredients which are good for your skin!  It is a solid bar cleanser, but they slice it to whatever size you need. If you're not sure, just ask for a small sample to try!

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

Def. right on spot about this one! 

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

There are lots of things on Sephora with lavender as an ingredient, but not really as a main component. Just type in "lavender" in Sephora search bar and you will get everything (perfume with lavender notes, make up in lavender shades, and skincare products that have lavender as a component).


As for cleansers, these cleansers have some amounts of lavender in it (according to the description).


ps. out of curiosity, why do you want lavender?

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

Lavender is supposed to have healing qualities for the skin.  I am on a mission, and I will try anything!  I am using a healing wash by Nature's Gift, and lavender is the main essential oil used.  I really like it so far.  Thought I'd check Sephora to see if there is anything that resembles the product.


Thanks for the help!

Re: Cleanser with Lavender?

Hi Veritabelle,

The Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash has lavender. It's low foaming and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and balanced.


<3 Melissa
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