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Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

After years of looking at it, I finally purchased the clarisonic mia 2 this holiday. However, unlike other users where they see magical right after one use, my skin turn worse. I already have soft smooth skin but you know I still want my skin to be better that's why I brought it. However, it has been a month and a half now and my skin isn't looking better. At first I start having these bump on my cheek but there are no acne or pimples in it. Now I having these huge cyst or pimples all over my forehead. What should I do. I don't want to return it because I want the clarisonic all these years :-( but I really scare if I keep using it my skin just getting worse and worse. What should I do? Should I return it? 


Thank you for all your reply. It's really help to calm my panics. lol


I brought the deep pore cleaning set and I used the products that come with the clarisonic. At first when I brought it, I used it twice a day. But after a few days I dropped it down to once a day because I felt it is unnecessary and my skin start to get burn (like there a cut in my skin but I just don't see the cut). Then my cheek got all these bumps like I mentioned earlier so I stop for a week. Then those bumps went away and I started using the clarisonic again because the clarisonic does help my cleaning routine much easier and faster. Right after I started using the clarisonic again that my forehead start giving my those ugly painful acne cysts. And no, clarisonic and the products that come with it is the only thing I change in my cleaning routine.

I just purchased the sensitive and the delicate brush head but I still hesitate should I give these two brushes a try or just return all of them before it is too late.

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

Clarisonic takes time you won't see results right away. I bought my first one than returned it after a week. But than I decided to go buy it again and i am glad. but I use it with the acne brush and I do not use it everyday because would make my face dry. I love my clarisonic and its the best purchase i got.


My question is do you use it twice a day? and which cleanser do you use it with it?

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

My skin is still getting use to the mia 2 I got it in november I use it every day and at first my skin broke out because your skin purges. Then it cleared up but I need the delicate head brush because the normal one is to rough. My cheeks get little pimples here and their which isn't normal but usualy happens if I skip a day and throw off my normal face cleaning routine. Also whatch what you eat. If I even touch peanut butter I get acne like what your talking about. But thats me (: hope you find your issue! What do u use with your Mia 2?

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

Did you happen to use any new skin care products together with the Clarisonic?

Also, what brush head are you using? I noticed that different brush heads give me different results. While the deep pore cleansing brush broke me out horribly, the acne brush head works amazing for my skin. You may want to try a different brush head (optional) or reduce the frequency of using the Clarisonic.

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

The truth is it doesn't work for everybody.  

That you wanted and looked forward to your Clarisonic, the fact that other people love theirs, the crazy amount of hype around this product  shouldn't make you keep using it if it's making your skin worse.  


Another anecdote to throw on the pile:  

A few years ago, I scrimped and saved and finally bought my Clarisonic.  I thought it would surely improve if not fix my acne and blackheads.  I learned right away that twice a day was too often so I switched to every day or every other day.  I made sure to use a gentle cleanser, the sensitive brush heads, and to keep it clean with fresh brush heads(not cheap BTW).  It made somewhat of an improvement on my pimples but it made my previously tough skin so raw and sensitized.  I thought it must get better eventually because all the beauty bloggers and YouTube girls love it so much.   I even kept at it for 60 days to make sure, but the improvement was too slight to justify the cost and hassle and in some ways worsening of my skin.   I returned it to Sephora where the cashier literally shrieked in dismay with her hands to her face that I would return a CLARISONIC(most embarrassing Sephora moment to this day).


I have my acne under control now using a simple and inexpensive regimen including regular peels.  I look great as long as I don't get lazy or start experimenting on myself.  If you have good skin now, count your blessings.  Cystic acne is no joke.  It can permanently scar you.  Consider an anti-aging serum with retinol or a good sunscreen if you'd like to keep up what your mama gave you.  


Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

I had my Clarisonic for TWO years and eventually got rid of it because it did not help my skin in any way.
It doesnt work for everyone. People suggested a lot of different things like using the products that came with it, washing my brush more often, trying out different brushes, changing the frequency etc and none of them worked.
My face thanked me when I eventually stopped using it!!

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

I would give it a little more time - I had the most horrible skin for the first 3-4 weeks when I started using my mia 2.  It finally started improving and around a month or so later and now I get compliments on my skin all the time (which NEVER happened before my clarisonic!)  I highly recommend the Philosophy Purity face wash, and only using it once a day at most!  I feel your pain, I've been there...I hope it works out for you as wonderfully as it has for me!

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

I would try the sensitive brush paired with a cleanser meant for sensitive skin and drop usage down to every other day, and if that works then move to using it every night. Also don't push to hard let it do the work. if  you are still having problems after a few months I would quit then, but dont give up on it just yet. 

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

I'm a bit confused as to why you purchased the Deep Pore set if you say your skin was already soft and smooth.


Often times making the mistake of trying to treat or address issues that may not be there in the hopes of warding off problems can end up backfiring and that's what appears t have happened here.


The Deep Pore brush is going to be much more intense than the sensitive and delicate brushes, not to mention the kit and the products itself is meant to detoxify and assist in drawing out impurities associated with clogged pores, congested skin, and even excess oil, which isn't something you mention suffering from. 


The Clarisonic is also a cleansing tool that doesn't need to be used daily, the frequency of use is highly dependent upon one's own skin and its resiliency. Some folks can use it daily, while some use it maybe a few times or even once a week as more of a supplemental tool rather than a regular cleansing tool.


For starters, I would advise ditching the Deep Pore products if you are not actually in need of using them or suffering from the matters they address. Continued and regular use of detoxing items when there's nothing there to detox will force your skin to find something to purge. It's like someone without acne slathering on spot treatments in hopes it'll prevent blemishes, but in turn it just ends up drying out skin and causing a whole slew of issues. Though you are experiencing the bumps and cysts now, these appear to be more of a reaction to using the products and Clarisonic as opposed to what your skin faced prior.


Try halting use of the Clarisonic for a period, treat the blemishes you do have with a spot treatment product so they clear, and use more gentle based items that won't irritate your current sensitized skin.


If you're determined to begin use of the Clarisonic again, use it once a week for a full seven uses to monitor how your skin reacts to the introduction of it back in your regimen and be sure it's with a face wash that compliments your skin.

Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 make my skin worse :( what should I do now?

I agree with the others who think you're being too hard on your skin. Drop back the frequency of use, and don't use products that are meant to treat problems you don't have! I've made this mistake before and ended up buying a whole slew of new skin care products because I didn't adequately consider my skin's needs when I bought my first set of products. It is an expensive mistake. Good luck, I hope the advice from everyone is helpful. I can't imagine how upset I would be if I were in your position.

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