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Clarisonic + Blue Plasma

Has anyone used a Clarisonic + Blue Plasma together? Or should they be used separately? 


Re: Clarisonic + Blue Plasma

I only use my clarisonic 3x a week & I alternate nights using Blue Plasma & dr dennis gross's A/B pads. I find the Blue Plasma to be a very gentle treatment serum, and use it on the nights I use the clarisonic. It really depends on your skin, I exfoliate a lot (chemically & manually), so I had no issues with it. 

Re: Clarisonic + Blue Plasma

Hi Techgirl5  Like Dannyc said, Blue Plasma is very gentle so you shouldn't have a problem using it after you cleanse with the Clarisonic.  Does your skin feel irritated at all after using your Clarisonic?

Re: Clarisonic + Blue Plasma

I personally use both.

I use my clarisonic in the morning with the philosophy purity made simple cleanser.

Then at night I use the blue plasma.

I have had no problems with it at all, I would say my skin has been better since adding both to my skincare routine.

Unless you have very sensitive skin, it shouldn't be an issue at all. If you feel dry one day or whatever, then just skip the use of the clarisonic.

Re: Clarisonic + Blue Plasma

thanks everyone! I already use my Clarisonic daily and was intrigued by the Blue Plasma and just wanted to know if they were good to use together. 

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