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Clarins UV Plus Regular VS. Tint and When to Apply?

I have been looking at Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen for a while and even got a sample of it (the one with the tint) after it was used during my makeover. During my makeover, the Clarins with the tint was mixed with Peter Thomas Roth's CC Cream. 


I have never used a daily sunscreen before and I am very new to skincare. 


Just so you know, I have been doing a daily skincare routine each morning and night and use in this order: Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil (rinse), Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel Exfoliant (2-3 times per week) (rinse), Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil, followed by Nude Radiant Day Moisturizer.



I was wondering about two things:


-What are either the pros and cons of the one that has the tint and the one without or which one do you use and recommend? 


-When do you apply it? Is it before or after I moisturize? If I choose to wear cc cream or a tinted moisturizer, should I mix it with the product, or do I put it on beforehand?



Thank you in advance! ^-^


Re: Clarins UV Plus Regular VS. Tint and When to Apply?

Hi MirandaLee17,


Both products work well, having one with or without a tint totally depends on your own skin needs.


The CC cream is ideal for someone that wants a tinted moisturizer that can do it all while still minimizing various hues in the skin. If you're someone that likes to finish your makeup quickly I'd recommend using the CC cream. You can always add your daily foundation on top of it for a really pretty natural radiance. I do this often with my favorite powder foundation Smiley Happy.


If you don't have much worry about color correction I'd say go with the Clarins HP Day Screen High Protection Tint. It is nearly identical to a tinted moisturizer, but with SPF protection!

Both products contain sunscreen, so you don't have to wear both, you will be covered and protected from UV rays.


Apply either of these products after your skincare regimen and after your daily moisturizer. There is no need to mix the products together.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Clarins UV Plus Regular VS. Tint and When to Apply?

Thank you for your comment! I will have to do a little more research, but I think I will try my samples to see which one fits my needs better Smiley Happy

Re: Clarins UV Plus Regular VS. Tint and When to Apply?

Apply the Clarins after all of your moisturizers.  I agree, if you don't need a lot of correction and the color is good for you, the tinted sunscreen gives a nice level of coverage.  I used this a lot last summer when it was humid and didn't want to apply anything heavier and I expect I'll do the same this year.  If you're going to use a CC cream, I'd go with the untinted, since you'll get the tint from the CC cream.


The exception to this is if you need the two tints to suit your face color.  In that case, I guess I'd mix them.


The sunscreen alone is very sheer and I own and like both versions.  I can't wear the PTR CC cream -- the color makes me look too orange.  I tossed my sample after my second try.


I agree, you probably don't need both.

Re: Clarins UV Plus Regular VS. Tint and When to Apply?

Thank you for your comment! I might just go for the one with the tint! Smiley Happy

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