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Chemical Burn from PTR Gentle Complexion Pads?

Has anyone else gotten a chemical burn from overuse of the PTR Complexion pads? I started off using it in the evening every other night and then bumped it to every evening when I noticed it working- then morning and night...which is when I started to notice the irritation/redness. It's been a few weeks since I've stopped using them but have been prescribed Desonide for 2wks with vanicream to heal my skin Smiley Sad Apparently I ruined the top layers by over use on my already sensitive skin! Just wondering if anyone else had this same fairly extreme reaction.

Re: Chemical Burn from PTR Gentle Complexion Pads?

yes yes yes!!!!

i figured it was an allergic reaction, but i guess not! ouch...

Re: Chemical Burn from PTR Gentle Complexion Pads?

Hi Lwgirl Oh no!  I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Smiley Sad I've done that twice to my skin, not with that product, but one that just was too harsh and another I over used.  The complexion pads are great but you do need to be careful not to use them too often and if you notice any irritation, reduce or discontinue usage.

Re: Chemical Burn from PTR Gentle Complexion Pads?

I had that when I used retinol too often a few years back. I'm OK if I use it every other night, but every night makes me red and irritated. I can still use retinol, just not overuse. It can happen to anyone with overuse of Chemical exfoliators. 

Re: Chemical Burn from PTR Gentle Complexion Pads?

Dannyc- how long did it take for your skin to heal?


Re: Chemical Burn from PTR Gentle Complexion Pads?

A little while. I didn't introduce any new products to my skin, and kept things light.

I put down the clarisonic, and didn't touch anything with alcohol, sunscreen or heavy in chemical exfoliators. 

I used the OH blue/black berry mask (really hydrating exfoliating mask) 3x a week instead of 1. I slathered on moisturizers like they were a mask (can lead to breakouts, but I needed the hydration) 2 that I used were La Mer & Skinceuticals pore minimizing lotion. I also stayed out of the sun & wore hats since I didn't want to use sun screen while healing. I washed my face with gentle cream cleansers like FAB & Clarins. After about a week or 2 I saw noticeable improvement and slowly introduced the clarisonic to get rid of the dead skin cells. After about a month I returned to using retinol. 

I was overusing retinol & getting micro dermabrasion and it did make my skin more sensitive. I'm a little more careful now with what I put on my face & how often. Since I use a clarisonic 2-3x a week (sometimes more) I rarely reach for a scrub. My cleansers are gentle, my toner is alcohol free, my treatment is where the punch is. I alternate between the PTR retinol fusion PM & invigorating night gel, followed by a moisturizer that's light weight yet hydrating. In the morning I use AmorePacific treatment enzyme peel as my wash. It's a gentle chemical exfoliator the smooths my skin, but doesn't give me a reaction. I do a mask once a week (if that) depending on my skins needs. 

It took me years to figure out what my skin needs & I'm constantly re-evaluating my products depending on the season & stress level.

Talk to your Dr. since they prescribed you a steroid cream, a lot of products can interact with it. You should see a difference after your done taking it, maybe even sooner.   

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