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Chapped Lips 911!

Winter wind has been destroying my lips! What is the best lip treatment for chapped lips?

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

The Dior Creme de Rose is the BEST lip balm I've ever used! Its moisturizing effect is super long lasting, plus the smell is heaven Smiley Happy

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

Did you see Bite Beauty's new agave lip treatment?  I've been looking at it myself, and the reviews are great, so far.

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

Carmex stings soooo bad, i couldn't get it off fast enough. I actually like making my own lip scrub with raw honey and brown sugar and I love love love Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm (sephora). I have Blackberry and Black tea. It is only $7.50 and made my lips sooo soft. It really soaked in there. I started using this after my lips had swollen up from an allergic reaction making them raw,cracked,dry and sensitive to everything and nothing made them feel moisturized. But that Jack Black balm helped and I use it everyday now, plus it has an spf of 25. good luck <3

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

I recently tried the bioderma lip butter... its hard to get your hands on but it works miracles! 

If you can't get that, I would recommend either the Nivea lip butters or anything from Rosebud Perfume Co. I like the Strawberry lip balm but it mostly just because I love the smell. They all work just as well. 


Re: Chapped Lips 911!

Hi twig5597,


I HATE that! Owies. I'd recommend using Bite's Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub to help rapidly hydrate your lips while it gently removes the dead skin. Next I'd suggest keeping a tin of Rosebud Salve on you at all times to keep your lips in tip top shape.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

Yes, yes, yes!! The Rosebud salve is the BEST! Highly recommended

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

yes yes yes to the rosebud salve/ the strawberry 

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

After reading almost every response from these dry lip threads, I went out and bought 1) Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Kiss; 2) Vaseline Lip Therapy - Rosy Lips; and 3) Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect (SPF 30 for an added bonus). I started using these 3 on the same day - keeping the Vaseline Lip Therapy and Aquaphor Lip Repair at my desk at work and using Nivea Lip Butter on the go and before I go to bed at night. I saw improved results overnight! Before the corners of my lips were ALWAYS chapped to the point where eating a burger would sting because the condiments would irritate the cracks, but now my lips are super soft and there's no chapping or cracking. When I wake up in the morning, there's still some itchiness, probably from the lip butter wearing off throughout the night, but it's 100% better than it was before.


I just got Jack Black's lip therapy (Black Tea & Blackberry) yesterday. While it made my lips SUUUUPER SOFT - the softest they've ever been, the corners of my lips started cracking already. I so wanted to love this product, but it looks like it's not going to do any repair on my lips.


Side note about the Aquaphor. While I think this is the most effective at keeping my lips from chapping, it has a somewhat strong cosmetic taste. Not like you're tasting lip gloss, but like you're tasting your face cream. To avoid this issue, I do the lipstick trick - wrapping your lips around a finger and pulling out the finger to wipe away any excess product inside your mouth.

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

I love TokyoMilk Dark lip elixir in salted caramel. I slather it on before bed and my lips are super awesome in the morning!

Re: Chapped Lips 911!

Hi Twig,


I love the Sephora Collection Super Nourishing Lip Balm, it just melts onto your lips and leaves them feeling hydrated for hours.

<3 Melissa
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