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Can u have too much skin care product?

I have purchased a variety of skincare products and have samples, but I am not sure what and when to use each.

FAB Radience pads

Peter Roth Dragons blood

Clinque 7 day scrub

Origins start over moist

Origins Night a Mins

Origins Cheeks and Balance  

Origins Drink Up mask

Josie Maran Argon oil

Shiseido Eye cream

Bobbie Brown eye cream

Origins Ginzing eye cream


My skin is showing signs of aging, but not too bad for 51.


I have the lines/grooves in the forhead

the grooves starting beside my nose

very dark circles and dry so concealor can cake

some enlarged poors 


looking for better texture and a youthful glow.

the dark circles and the wrinkles on forhead are bothersome


I have been 

Washing with Cheeks and balance

using 7 day scrub every night

I apply Peter Roth at night.

One night I added the radience pad

then apply origns Night a min


In morning i wash with Cheeks and balance.  First time today I applied

Peter Roth dragons blood and then used starting over cream. added Ginzing cream to eyes

After that I smoothed the Oil and let it soak in before I applied make up.


Ive used the drink up mask maybe once a week.


too much...wrong stuff ????


Am I using what i need?


By the way I think the forhead wrinkles are dimished...but I dont know what from.


Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

I see your main concern is anti-aging products all of those products that you bought are great but you dont need all of them. The Peter thomas Roth Dragons Blood face serum is for am and pm use so after cleansing you massage a thin layer on and thats going to help more radiance and texture to your skin if you feel like its looking dull and the First Aid Beauty radiance pads are the same thing in a way because thats going to help your skin look more radiant. The best product for any kind of deep wrinkles is Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle turbo that is a serum you can use all over the face or just in targeted areas. Its a little expensive but well worth it. Also as for eye creams the Shisiedo if its the wrinkle resistant one that one is pretty hydrating but if you need more hydration the murad hydro dynamic for eyes is very hydrating and also help firm under the eye area or try algenist complete eye renewal balm that is a great multitasking eye cream. As for the joise maren argan oil you can use that all over your body if you wanted to it can help hydrate and help slit end also can use it for you cuticles. When using for a face moisturizer i suggest doing three drops on your fingers tips on one hand then take your other hand rub togethere then apply.

Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

Yes, you can have too much skin care product.  If you layer too much stuff on, your skin may not absorb it all.  If you are acne-prone then you risk getting clogged pores from too much stuff on your face.  If your skin is very dry though, it might be ok.  If your skin is sensitive and easily irritated, then applying so many new products all at once without giving your skin the chance to adjust might cause redness and irritation.



Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

Flat our answer, yes, you can absolutely have way too much skin care products being used. When you use too many items, you run the risk of active and potent ingredients combating one another and even cancelling out the benefits of what products can do. Or even worse, the combined overall potency of products can make your skin sensitized, leading to further skin care issues that you have to deal with.


From your post I'll try to break down to the basics:



-Lines in targeted areas (forehead/laughlines)
-Dark circles with dry skin on the undereye/surrounding area
-Enlarged pores



-Improve texture/clarity
-Diminish/minimize the loof of lines and dark circles


Since we don't know about your skin type (normal, oily, combination, dry, dehydrated, etc.), you will have to identify this to better assist with finding the right products for your skin.


For starters, if your skin isn't excessively oily or "dirty" feeling in the morning, you can skip cleansing. Especially since we are in winter, occassional excessive exposure to water can dehydrate skin more as the cold air hitting freshly cleansed skin can dry skin out. Bottom line, if you don't need to wash in the day, don't. Always wash at night though beause that's when you've been up and about, giving airborne toxins, pollutants, and environmental factors to combine with natural oil on skin and build up any to any dirt and bacteria that's lingered on the surface, thus needing a nightly cleanse.


The Origins face wash you have is gentle, delicate, and void of many irritants, so you can stick with that as your nightly cleanser, it isn't a make up remover though, so you may consider using a gentle cleansing water or a cleansing oil if you use hard to remove make up or if your skin is drier.


The 7 Day Scrub from Clinique is a physical exfoliant, as in it has physical particles that you can feel that break down dead/excessive skin cells on the surface. The polyethylene beads are more gentle than a tradition sugar or fruit seed powder, but if you use any physical scrub everyday it can get quite rough on skin. Think of it like this, if you're constantly polishing away at your skin every night, you're not allowing any grace periods for your skin to relax and allow for regeneration, instead, you're consistantly polishing and buffing off skin cells, whether they're new or old. This can leave skin ray, irritated, inflammed, and vulnerable as it never builds up the proper layers to offer protection. In combination with colder, winter weather, sensitized skin from over exfoliation can become further irritated from high potency treatment ingredients.


Now, with the use of PTR's Dragon's Bloog (Laser-Free Resurfacer), note the ingredients, the "Dragon's Blood" is an ingredient derived from a botanical base that calms inflammation and repairs, the following active ingredients strengthen lipid and moisture barriers in the skin. Now no where did you mention needing any boost in hydration, moisture levels, or calming inflammation in your post. Now granted, this may assist if your skin is overexfoliated, but that wasn't an issue your brought up. Though improving one's lipid barriers and moisture levels can help soften the look of lines (because well hydrated skin will show less issues), it's not the most straight forward or most effective treatment for combating lines.


Instead, look for a product that harnesses the use of retinol (the word "retinol" itself when listed is at its most potent form, also refered to as retinoids, retinyl palmitate, and vitamin A, the decending order means the ingredient is not as strong/potent but also can be more gentle), peptides, and humectants. Retinol is a powerful anti-aging ingredient because it works on multiple levels. It not only helps to reduce the look and feel of lines by chemically exfoliating the skin, but it helps to promote new and healthier cellular regeneration. So while it's helping to buffer and diminish the look of lines at the surface, it's also boosting newer and healthier skin to the top so it's an issue that won't be as prevelant. Peptides allow for a more instantaneous visual pay off as it sinks into skin and fills in the areas and gaps where collagen and elastin is damaged or missing and "plumps" up those areas to improve skin's density, texture, and suppleness. Humectants are ingredients that bind healthy moisture to skin, also allowing for the softening appearance of lines.


Now retinol itself can be a very potent ingredient, start with a lower dosage and try to start by using a retinol based product every third night, using it for a total 7 nights every 3 days, gauge how your skin reacts, if there are no signs of irritation, move it to every other night usage until you can ease yourself into nightly use. Retinol can make skin light sensitive, so try using it at night as more of a deep repair treatment, and if you use it in the day, follow up with at least a SPF of 30 or higher. Peter Thomas Roth has a few retinol serums (one also desiged for PM use), and Murad has a Time Release Retinol Concentrate that balances out the powerful ingredient with a slower, more moderate release while you sleep.


Peptide and humectant rich products are great day alternatives for treating anti-aging factors and fighting lines as they are not light sensitive, give more instanteous results, and are also combined usually with anti-oxidants so you can combat free radical damage. Ole Heriksen makes a wonderful Truth Serum that combines vitamin C (power antioxidant and helps brighten/even skin tone and clarity and also boosts the production of collagen) and sodium hyaluronate (humectant that binds healthy moisture to also plump skin) which is wonderful for a day use product to apply to lines and all over to even fade dark/sun spots, and can be applied to the under eye area too if needed.


With the eye creams you have listed, the Origins Ginzing is only going to improve or help with the look of dark circles on a surfaced based level. The light reflecting pigments are more cosmetic than skin care based and though the caffeine does perk up tired eyes and helps promote drainage of excessive water retention and fluid, if your also dealing with excessive dryness, this might not be the best way to go. The light reflective particles can emphasize lines and dry areas if not careful. The Bobbi Brown eye cream is packed with hydrating ingredients, so that's a plus, things like avocado oil, jojoba, and aloe are all very good conditioning products which help with the dryness but not necessarily the dark circles. Though dark circles can only be assisted to a certain degree due to the fact they are not just caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, but also genetics, look for products rich in vitamin K, which helps to repair broken and leaky capillaries that leach blood to the surface of the delicate eye area that increases the look of dark circles. Peter Thomas Roth's Power K eye cream is great because it not only combines vitamin K, but also kojic acid, which is a delicate botanitcal based ingredient that works on a cellular level to help restrict and control the release or melanin production to minimize the creation of pigment to the undereye dark circles, but also humectants and anti-aging factors to help with fine lines, crepiness, and wrinkles. Though this formula does have some light reflective qualities, it's more balanced with ingredients that serve your eye issues more than just Ginzing alone.


The use of Josie Maran's Argan Oil can be kept if you don't notice any issue in terms of it making your skin oily or bothering any preferences. The trick with botanical facial oils is finding the right amount and letting the product absorb. Botanical based oils mimick those natural and essential oils our skin needs rather than manade, synthetics like mineral oil that can clog pores. The Origins Night A Mins isn't a bad moisturizer (I've used it before) and it definitely helps with hydrating and replenishing skin, so you can stick with it. If you decide you want to try something new when you finish that, look into Ole Heriksen's Truth Creme Advanced Hydration. Don't let the "Advanced" part throw you off, you don't need drhydrated or super dry skin to use this, it's a light weight moisturizer that's packed with vitamin c (again, boosts clarity/brightness and the production of collagen), has peptides to firm and plump skin, and has fruit extracts to brighten and even skin tone.


The Fab Pore Pads may have ingredients to target pores, but it's targeted more for people with a problematic T-zone and dealing with acne, break outs, or oily skin. You have not made any mention of oily skin and pore size, like dark circles, can only be treated so far with skin care products. Many items on the market are better geared toward minmizing the look of pores, rather than shrinking actual pore size itself, or deep cleansing the pores so they aren't blocked with dirt and oil (black heads) so they are also minimized in appearance due to skin looking more even. The Drink Up Mask from Origins is something you can keep, use it weekly or up to 3 times a month whenever you feel you need an extra hydration boost to your skin.


There is no mention of SPF usage in your list which worries me. SPF is an integral part of skin care as not only does it protect skin, but the combating of UVA and UVB rays allow for the preservation of skin and helps ward off premature aging factors further. Sun spots, age spots, the break down of collagen and elastin, hyperpigmentation, and the overall texture of your skin are affected by the sun.


Breaking it down, here's what I recommend:



-Skip washing unless skin feels dirty or super oily when you wake

-Apply Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum to lines then smooth rest to face

-Apply PTR Power K eye cream to undereye and orbital bone area (there's a photo diagram in my gallery on my profile that shows the proper placement of eye cream)

-For a SPF/day lotion, I recommend looking in CeraVe (at drug stores) as it's a humectant rich lotion with SPF 30 (it contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, two top players in the skin care field) or La Roche Posay, their sunscreen fluids are super light weight and come packed with anti-aging benefits as well. LRP does make some sunscreens that are just that alone, so you can still use your Josie Maran Argan Oil, just let that sink in, then do the sunscreen on top.



-Make remover (again, try a gentle cleasing water or oil)

-Origins Checks and Balances (you can stick with it so you don't do a complete overhaul)

-Murad or PTR retinol treatment on lines/wrinkles

-PTR Power K eye cream or the Bobbi Brown eye cream

-Origins Night a Mins (or the Ole Heriksen Truth Creme when you finish the NAM) or Josie Maran Oil



-1-3x a week, exfoliate with 7 Day Scrub, only up to 3x if your skin is excessively dry and flaky, if not, 1-2x a week should be plenty

-1x a week, Origins Drink Up Mask at night


As for your pores, maintaining a healthy routine and keeping skin cleansed will minimize the dirt/oil that can be trapped and emphasize pores. Try a pore minimizing primer (like Benefit's Porefessional or Too Faced Primed and Poreless in the pink tube) to smooth over the look of enlarged pores. The dimethicone in the formulas provide a smooth barrier over those areas so make up won't sink in and enhance those spots.

Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

Hi, I'm Beautytester and I'm a skincare addict. I have ~50 skincare items not counting the sample packets, the problem with that is to make sure everything's sealed/closed properly and kept in a dry/dark/cool place so they won't spoil. It is ok to mix and match different items for different days depending on how your skin feels. HOWEVER, you should NOT pile on tons of different products on your face at the same time, especially since they might contain different active ingredients that cancels each other out or do more harm than good. Here's the general rule:

1. Only introduce one new product into your skincare at the time, this way you can pinpoint any good/bad effect it have.

2. Make sure to try the product out for at least a week, or 2-3 times for those once-a-week products, before switching. This give the product time to work on your skin because some effect take time to show and your skin may need adjusting.

3. Follow the instructions! Some products state they can be used AM and PM. Other products state they should be used at night. Some anti-aging ingredients, such as retinol, breaks down in sunlight so if it is meant to be used in the PM but you used it in the AM, it may cancel out the anti-aging stuff or have the adverse effect. Some also give helpful instructions on when it should be used (on clean face, after toning, before moisturizer, or any time during the day)


The general rule of thumb is scrub/peel/mask 1-3 times a week (but not on the same day), then cleanser, toner/pads, treatment/serum, eye cream and moisturizer every day. Try not to use 2 different treatment or two different eye cream at the same time. If they are not packet samples (i.e. can be closed again), I test them out to see how rich or light they are. When my skin feels dry, I use the heavy/rich/hydrating ones. When my skin feels oily, I use the lightweight/drying/oil-free stuff.

Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

I agree with lylysa you can definitely have too many products and completely wack out the ph balance of your skin and then have more trouble than you started with. Smiley Happy


Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

I agree with all of the posts so far Smiley Happy  Too many skincare products can begin to cancel each other out or become less effective.  It is also hard to tell what is working for you & what isnt when there are so many fantastic products.  I would suggest scaling down the products and targeting one thing at a  time.  Lylysa has some amazing in-detail advice...  Actually, everyone does!  Pick the area that you really want to focus on and stick with it for a few weeks and minimize the other products.  You also shouldnt use a peel or mask too frequantly.  I personally alternate.  One week I'll do a great peel & follow up with a mask to replenish the moisture.  I wont do another peel or mask for another week or so to give my ph levels the chance to balance out.  I hope that helps Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

Wow lots of great information!   


First my skin is normal but leans more to dry than oily.


This is what I have as a take away.

1.  Manual exfoliation should not be everyday.  maybe 2x a week?


2 The FAB Rad pads are not right for me as I do not have an oily t zone or blemishes (didt even as a teenager)


3  Origns Cheeks and Balance is good.  

Night as stated, but dont like to skip washing my face in morning so it should be gentle enough there.


4. My Origns Ginzing is topical and if I want better results for Dark circles there are other options (Vitamin K)


5. Find SPF.  I had been using something with SPF..but I switched to Origins and didnt catch that it was something I was missing.


6  My forhead beleive it or not seems dryer than the rest of my face, so I want to  give the PTR some time as it 'seems' to be reducing the look of those  creases.  If not (cause it cost alot)  I will surely look into the PTR turbo.


Now the Argon oil I bought because a Sephora rep used it on me in my VIB 45 min make over.

First she used the Fresh Rose stuff...and then the Oil and some kind of eye cream  (forgot which one)

Then used a primer.

I do have a couple of those (nars I have had  and a sample of another brand.


I told her I was looking for that soft youthful glow.


Thanks all!!!


Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

Well taken! Smiley Happy


If your forehead is drym you can use the argan oil there too! Use it as an intensive boost to your moisturizer.

Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

yup found it.


I was using Clique even better cream SPF 20 

and If casual day I am still using Smashbox BB Cream SPF35... But dont use it everyday so I will need to add something I suspect

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