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Can I do a Return ...?

Alright, so I recently ordered online the Naked Palette. I've been so excited to get it and just got it in the mail today! I opened it up and and showed my boyfriend all the pretty colors.  My boyfriend looked at it and noticed that someone had used it.  It looks like someone took swatches of three colors, can I just bring it into a store to exchange?  I know someone wouldn't contaminate it but you can never be too sure. =/




Re: Can I do a Return ...?

You sure can exchange it! Be sure to bring your receipt as proof of purchase just so there won't be any questions of where the palette was obtained from.


Sometimes items get recirculated through inventory and if it wasn't checked properly it might have been tossed in the "okay to put back on the shelf/stock" pile.


Re: Can I do a Return ...?

Thanks! I never would have noticed it if my bf hadn't pointed it out! I'm not surprised that they missed it!

Re: Can I do a Return ...?

Sometimes it's difficult on certain shadows/palettes depending on the finish it has, but no worries, Sephora makes it easy to return/exchange!

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