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Brush cleaning

I know there has to be a ton of threads about brush cleaning, but I have a specific problem. Whenever I clean my buffing brushes, there's always a few spots in the middle of the brush that don't get clean at all. Even after washing it multiple times. 


I don' t know if you can see it very well, but the middle of the brush is still dirty with foundation

Re: Brush cleaning

What organic shampoos do you use?

Re: Brush cleaning

I rotate, but right now I'm using Dr.Ron's MSM one. 

I bought it for myself, but my hair doesn't like it. but when I use it on the brush, its leaves it very very clean and soft at the same time 

I used Dessert Essence before too and I like it as well 

Re: Brush cleaning

The same happens with my dense foundation brushes, Real Technique and UD Good Karma, since I don't really clean them until weeks later. I do double cleanse with a silicone scrubber pad (the pink one sephora carries, or I have the one that comes with L'oreal 360 Go Clean cleansers, almost same price but you get an extra bottle of facial cleanser, that I use as brush cleanser). 


1. After every use, swirl/wipe it on a paper towel to get ride of most excess foundation.

2. When cleansing, I use an oil cleanser first to break up the foundation, then normal foamy cleanser to get the oily residue out. In both cases, swirl the brush on the silicone pad for a minute or so. It gets any and every foundation out (as in I've been testing a dozen foundation packets of different high end brands and have been able to get all of them out after a week of neglect *knocks on wood*).

Re: Brush cleaning

Since I can't even see your posts on IMK anymore, so I can't answer it there - you should probably find a more deep cleaning brush cleaner, something like what Kevin suggested and you need to be sure to get down into the middle of the brush, let the brush cleaner sit for a few minutes to break the makeup up if you have it (don't leave it sitting in water though).

Re: Brush cleaning

In between washes, I usually spray and wipe my brushes using Sephora's Brush Cleanser. When it's time to wash, I usually use No.4's Clarifying shampoo, since I've found that this shampoo gets rid of residue like no other! I made the mistake of washing my hair with this shampoo after I just colored it, it immediately removed all of the dye from my hair and hands. I make sure to scrub into the bristles to make sure it all comes out nice and clean. This usually gets everything out in one wash.

Re: Brush cleaning

Hmmmm....I Can see it. What kind of foundation are you using with this brush and what are you using to clean it? I use powders/minerals and haven't had a problem like this. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser to wash my brushes (it's my regular cleanser) and it does a really good job. I do have to wash it a number of times and rinse like crazy, but then it's totally clean.


I wonder if it could be an issue with the brush itself? I don't know if this is doable or a good option, but I was just wondering what would happen if you took a good sharp scissor and snipped off the tips of those certain annoying bristles.(I have a specific hair cutting scissor that I used to use to trim my bangs and it's great) Just wondering what would happen. Do you remember who makes that brush? This is really perplexing.

Re: Brush cleaning

I use NARS Sheer Glow, Estee Lauder Double Wear, and Clinique Stay Matte with this brush. It happens to a few of my other dense buffing brushes too. Lately I've been using hand soap and baby shampoo because I really don't want to spend more than $10 for something to clean my brushes. 

Re: Brush cleaning

Are these liquid foundations? What type of cleanser do you use on your face? I use the Purity on my brushes since I use it on my face, that way I'm not spending extra $$ for a brush cleaner.

Re: Brush cleaning

Yea. those are all liquid foundations. I use Clean & Clear Daily Poor Cleanser, which a cleanser/scrub hybrid because it has small beads for gentle exfoliation. I tried using it to wash my brushes before and it worked quite well. I just wasn't sure if it was 'safe' for brushes. My logic was "if it can get makeup off of my face, it should be able to get makeup out of my brushes" Smiley Very Happy

Re: Brush cleaning

I feel the same way - if it's good enough for my face, it's hopefully good enough for my brushes! I wonder if it would work on that stubborn spot? I think as long as you don't leave the cleanser on the brush for a long period of time and you rinse the heck out of it, you should be okay. I wouldn't tell you to do it if it wasn't something I'd do myself.  Wish I could be more helpful, but I don't use liquid foundations and wonder if that makes a difference. Let me know if you try it. Smiley Happy

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