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Brush cleaning

I know there has to be a ton of threads about brush cleaning, but I have a specific problem. Whenever I clean my buffing brushes, there's always a few spots in the middle of the brush that don't get clean at all. Even after washing it multiple times. 


I don' t know if you can see it very well, but the middle of the brush is still dirty with foundation

Re: Brush cleaning

I wouldn't recommend trimming it. You know how synthetic brushes are softer than real hair in general? That's because with synthetic the tip of the hair is often pointy (the good ones anyways) like this /\ while most real hair brushes are cut so the tip is like || except for the higher quality ones where they try to use the tip and match the hair by hand etc. It's like how the baby hair on your head is softer than cut hair. Basically if your brush is good quality and very soft, trimming it will make that area less soft. And what are you gonna do the next time you use it and it stains? unless you are trying to DIY this brush, lol.


You don't need a $10+ brush cleanser. I'm currently using whatever facial cleanser I don't want to use, but before that I used L'oreal 360 Go Clean Deep facial cleanser (~$5 and comes with a silicone pad that everyone recommends). Any cleanser that's good at getting rid of grease will do.

Re: Brush cleaning


Smiley Very Happy You crack me up - what a great DIY "after" pic. Smiley Very Happy 


I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea or not, just thought I'd throw it out there. Wonder if trying it on an inexpensive brush or one you just don't really use/like might be an interesting DIY experiment.


Thanks for the great laugh. Smiley Very Happy


ps - I like your panda, but I really miss your intelligent hedgehog. Hope you're doing well. Smiley Happy

Re: Brush cleaning

You can also soak it in olive oil or coconut oil overnight and then work diligently but gently. This requires time and effort and I really would not be using these on other people if they are not all the way clean. Seriously . That is gross. 


Re: Brush cleaning

This is my own brush. I would never use dirty brushes on other people. 

Re: Brush cleaning

 You better get busy cleaning! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Brush cleaning

I'm going to echo beautytester here and recommend you use a little cleansing oil on your brush before you wash it.  I rub a little DHC cleansing oil (olive, almond or coconut oil will work to) in my brushes before I wash them, as the oil really breaks down/loosens up any product left in the brush. I just rub a little oil into the bristles, wait a few minutes for the oil to work, and then wash (I use the Sephora shampoo) and everything comes out, though it may take more than one lathering. Hope this helps!

Re: Brush cleaning

A little bit of Boscia's Make Up Break Up. That stuff is awesome! Trust me! All you need is a dab, rinses clean and doesn't leave any residue. I had a sample of it from sephora and I cleaned my foundation brushes for like a month  Smiley Happy

Re: Brush cleaning

I use the beauty blender solid cleanser and it gets everything out! Maybe you could try that.

Re: Brush cleaning

Hi andy!


You have already received some great suggestions! I also recommend trying Beautyblender's Solid Sponge Cleanser. I use this for all of my brushes, not just my beautyblender. I have had some brushes that have been stained with product for years and when I washed them with this cleanser they were completely brand new looking! I was amazed. Smiley Happy

<3, Randee

Re: Brush cleaning

Hi Andy,

I noticed you said you use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, which is very long wearing and quite difficult to get out of a foundation brush.  I recommend using Take It Away makeup solvent from Estee Lauder to clean your brush.  It's meant to dissolve Double Wear Foundation and works like a charm.  Ask for a sample at the counter and let me know how it goes for you Smiley Happy

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