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Brush cleaning

I know there has to be a ton of threads about brush cleaning, but I have a specific problem. Whenever I clean my buffing brushes, there's always a few spots in the middle of the brush that don't get clean at all. Even after washing it multiple times. 


I don' t know if you can see it very well, but the middle of the brush is still dirty with foundation

Re: Brush cleaning

Hi andyhtrieu! 

I would recommend the Sephora Collection Purifying Brush Shampoo.  Smiley Happy  It has a gel-consistency that works into a nice lather to really deep clean your brushes.  For your buffing brushes, you want to put a couple pumps directly in the middle, add a little water, and move the brush back and forth and in the palm of your hand.  When I clean my bronzer brush, I have to do this a two or three times to really get the brush 100% clean because the bristles are pretty densely packed. 


Hope this helps! 




Re: Brush cleaning

What do you use to wash? I find that using the beauty blender solid cleaning soap takes everything out. I use my RT expert face brush or RT buffing brush for liquid foundations, tinted moisturizer and even cream products and I would wash my brushes once a week without any type of cleaning after each use. If you dont want to use the BB solid soap, you can try baby shampoo. I pour a quarter size onto the back of my hand and swirl the brush on my hand until all the soap turns color, then I rinse and squeeze out everything. I never have remainder gunk stuck in my brushes and bristles.

Re: Brush cleaning

I agree! The BB solid is amazing!! Gets every last bit and makes my brushes look brand new Smiley Happy

Re: Brush cleaning

I will second baby shampoo,,,,many yrs ago when I bought my first Mac brush the SA told me to wash it with baby shampoo and I still use baby shampoo to clean my brushes and never had a problem.

Re: Brush cleaning

I use baby shampoo as well, but it still doesn't get everything out of this brush. It works fine with my powder and concealer brushes though

Re: Brush cleaning

I have one that does the same thing. What makes me so mad is that I clean it, think all is good, then I look in the middle and there's still foundation in there. What the heck! It is like an endless pit foundation. What has helped me is that first I wash the brush with baby shampoo, I open the brush up and put the soap right in the middle. Then I work the brush around on a wash rag. It actually looks like I am trying to put foundation on the wash rag. Then I wash again. I have to do this about 2 times to get everything out. Now I must admit that I don't really have expensive brushes so I am kind of rough on them.

Re: Brush cleaning

I use one of these scrubbing pads to really get out the makeup from my brushes.  I read that someone else uses that, and it works pretty well for me.  The little nubs really help work the cleanser through the brushes.  It might not be the soap you are using, but instead that you just need to really work it through the brush.  Hope this helps Smiley Happy


Re: Brush cleaning

Hmmm, I don't normally have this problem. I draw figure 8s with my brush (covered in soap) on my hand and rinse and repeat.  I dunno if that's been mentioned but its worth a try. 


Re: Brush cleaning

I don't use baby shampoo anymore because it takes longer, but I do use organic shampoos, beauty blender cleansers and Dr.Bronner's soap. 

I normally don't have this problem, but using Dr.Bronners soap for foundation, eyeliners, and concealers brush really helps. it gets the initial stuff out, so I only have to get the rest bit out with a shampoo or BB cleanser. 


I also think its important to take time to swirl the brush on to the palms of the hands. it really does get to everything 

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