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Bronzer for contouring

Can someone pls recommend a nice bronzer for my skintone? I am medium-light, with neutral undertone but i get a healthy golden tan in the summer.I have tried a few bronzers,and since i have a square face,with a vy strong jawline i had to have something for contouring to soften my features.

i have tried thebalm bahama mama,too faced chocolate soleil,and nyx taupe,but on my skin they go a little muddy and kinda made me look old!

i want something matte and longlasting... I have seen reviews on the new dior blush and bronzer for summer but im guessing it would be too orange for me.

here are my choices for my next purchase: d&g tan blush.kevyn aucoin sculpting powder,nars laguna.i havent tried nor swatched them in storeS yet.

thank you in advance!

Re: Bronzer for contouring

I've been loving the Too Faced Tan without the Twinkle. I was always looking for a bronzer without any sparkle or shimmer and this has been amazing. I also think it smells really good

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Hello, do you know if Too Faced Tan without the Twinkle comes with Chocolate Soleil  (medium deep) or Milk Chocolate Soleil (light medim)?


Re: Bronzer for contouring

Hi Momo,


I think it comes with Chocolate Soleil.


You can see it here:


You might also want to read the comments section to determine if it's appropriate for your needs.



Re: Bronzer for contouring

is this the best bronzer?

Re: Bronzer for contouring

I like Laguna and Park Avenue Princess by TooFaced.  Laguna is a little more contoury and PAP is more bronzy/blushy. 


I am brunette with fair skin/pink undertones. 



Re: Bronzer for contouring

Laguna is pretty good. I find it to come out very lightly, and I think it is better for subtle contouring then like a bronzer.


I use bronzer from the body shop, and I like it a lot. (Are we aloud to mention not Sephora stuff? Oops)

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